by adustyframe ~ May 24th, 2009

The other day, I was listening to friends sharing their plans for the weekend.

*Going to the cabin

*Going away

*Having a cookout


At first I didn’t remember it was Memorial Day Weekend. When I thought about it, I realized that holidays don’t really feel any different around here.

There’s no “Daddy’s off for the holiday let’s do something special”. Since I don’t work outside of the home, each day can feel much like the other. I always have work that needs to be accomplished.

Realistically, we don’t have a “get away for the holidays” budget either.

Now, I know that holidays are what we make of them and I do work at making special days for James.

It was just an interesting observation that holidays don’t “feel” special to me without any change in work schedules.

Lee used to like holidays in the prison because they got 2 cans of soda with their meal. (Living it up I guess!)

Tomorrow, we’re going to have a cook out for dinner and that’s about it.

What are you doing?

**Please don’t think I’m feeling low or complaining! I’m just sharing an observation.**


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  1. Carol

    Oh, I wish you lived in SC. We’d love to have you two over for a picnic! We are grilling out, thanks to my son who is home from college.His girlfriend and her family will be joining us. The pool is open, but it has been too cool and rainy this past week, so no swimming yet. If you are ever this way…

    aww thanks;)!

  2. Susanna

    I know my situation is very different from yours but actually they do not feel much different to me either anymore. I am still home with the children and although david is usually around he often has sermon prep to do – so lets see- today I will do the grocery shopping, clean the bathroom, look after the children….and maybe we will squeeze in a picnic. woohoo!!!!!!

    Do you celebrate Memorial Day too?

  3. Judith

    Some of the very best childhood memories required no money for my parents — just time and love. Enjoy your day!

    You are definitely right and I realize this more and more the older I get;)

  4. Lona

    Lizzie, I find it can be tempting to compare ourselves with others and find our situation coming up short. As a farmer’s wife, holidays are just like any other day, too. I do have my hubby around (which is HUGE), but this is one of the many very busy seasons–planting. And vacations? It’s a headache to even find a time that my husband can go away. But God is faithful (as you know) to bless us in other ways. And it’s always good to look at him and not others, anyway. I’m still learning…

    Thanks for letting us have a glimpse into your life each time you post. Prayed for your day to be “special” in some way.

  5. melissa

    Same as you…low-key. 🙂 That’s usual for us, budget not allowing a get away either, and besides, I figure any tiny change from the routine is a good one.

    I do know what you mean about listening to what other folks talk about. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

    Take care and enjoy your eats.

  6. Barbara H.

    I don’t think we’re doing much. It’s raining and Jim grilled out the two previous weekends. We had company over the past weekend, and I think we’re just laying low and eating leftovers.

  7. Chel

    I’m studying for two tests at work tomorrow. Hoping I pass both. Wishing I was better at math so I could help with fifth grade homework for tomorrow.

  8. Pam

    I took my step daughter and a friend to a
    huge flea market about an hour from our home.
    Just bought a few little things. I also called my dad and thanked him for serving our country. He was in WWII, wounded and rec’d a purple heart….he is 83 years old.
    Sometimes it is hard to avoid the “Christmas Letter” syndrome where….people try to outdo
    each other with their plans….my pool is bigger than your pool etc…the older I get the more I realize that a Christ centered peaceful life is more about people than things….God Bless You Lizzie, Pam

  9. Christina

    Hey we picked rocks from a friend’s house, weeded, got our garden plot ready and went to the Memorial Day Parade. Our grill caught on fire on Monday so that was a surprise ending to our long weekend.

  10. ashley@twentysixcats

    I thought this was really interesting. My husband works the same weekly schedule every day of the year (Tuesday-Saturday). He never gets a holiday, unless he takes the day off. When I was working too, we loved holidays because they usually fell on Mondays and then we would both have a day off together! But now that I’m not working I’ve noticed that it’s just another normal weekend for us! This year, everyone had their cookouts on Saturday but Paul was working so we couldn’t go. Normally we go camping, but with me being pregnant that isn’t so easy anymore. It’s just something that has surprised me. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch some fireworks at 4th of July. 🙂 And I might be IN labor on Labor Day so this year is a weird one for us holiday-wise!!

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