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by adustyframe ~ May 28th, 2009


We don’t eat hot dogs very often, but this recipe looks fun.

I’ve never heard of Kool-Aid paint–I’m sure James would love to try this.

I found a new blog this week. It has great healthy recipes and health tips. Here’s a good article with 7 Immune Boosters.

Good info on the quality of photo prints.

I enjoy looking at photos on Shorpy. This one is a girls canning club in 1918. Make sure to view it at full size and look at all the detail.

71 days Nicol Sponberg sings a tribute to her son who died last year on May 27th.

That’s all for this week! Have you found anything good lately?



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  1. Marie

    The Sponburg blog was so sad. I couldn’t even listen to that without the tears coming, as a mom. Are they friends of yours?

    No, Nicol used to sing on Selah and I think she is on her own now(?)

  2. PrayerSiter

    Thanks for the links — I needed the immune system one — I’ve been looking for info.

  3. Miss Jocelyn

    Thanks for linking these. We knew Nicol when she was with Selah and we have lots of photos with her. I am sad to hear of her loss.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Sorry it took me so long to return the note! 🙂

    Miss Jocelyn,

  4. Christina

    Loved the american flag banners in the canning photo. Was trying to figure out what some of the stuff in the jars was.

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