Photo Shoot

by adustyframe ~ June 9th, 2009

My sister asked me to take my niece’s 4 year photos while they’re here.

My niece doesn’t like having her photo taken, so I’m trying to sneak photos in here and there.

Here are the 1st batch. We hope to get more at the park tomorrow.









7 Thoughts Shared to Photo Shoot

  1. TransitionGirl

    super adorable! good shots!

  2. Christy

    Very nice! I especially like #5, the b/w of her looking straight at you.

  3. katrina

    You’re doing a great job!!! A 4year old who doesn’t like the camera – unheard of!

  4. celina

    these are nice lizzie…i love that last one…

  5. Susanna

    ahhh- she is a cutie. Now if only you didn’t live so far away I’d commission you to try and get pictures of Daniel…he is not too good with the camera either.

  6. Jenny

    ooh, she’s adorable! Great shots! I would never guess that she’s camera shy, and I love the bright colors contrasted with the water.

  7. Shelley

    Wow, these are great! Wish we lived close to you…I’d hire you to do Lacey’s senior pictures:)

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