Oh no!

by adustyframe ~ June 22nd, 2009

When James was baptized last week, we invited friends and family. One friend I invited was a former co-worker. Years ago she told me that she’d like to see one of our baptisms. I promised her that if I ever had a child being baptized, I’d invite her.

True to my word, I sent her an email letting her know the details. I didn’t hear back from her, so I didn’t expect to see her.

She surprised me by showing up unannounced. I didn’t realize that the 1st things she’d notice was Lee’s absence.

“Where’s Lee?” she whispered in my ear during the song.

Yikes! Sometimes I think it’s such a part of our lives that I don’t even think about who knows or doesn’t know. I told her I’d tell her later.

I stood in my pew thinking how very odd she must think it was that Lee wasn’t there for this momentous occassion.

As a side note, Lee expressed considerable sadness at missing James’ baptism and  asked me to delay it. I told him that I wouldn’t get between God and James and that James asked to be baptized without any prodding from me, so no we couldn’t delay it. We definitely missed him that day, but I am so blessed to see my son obeying God.

After the service, my friend said, “So?” And I said, “He’s incarcerated.”

She looked at me and put her lips together. I could tell she was thinking.
She asked how long this had been going on. I told her off and on for 4 years.

“But he was at my wedding in November!” she said. Oh, right! So, I explained that he violated one of his rules.

She didn’t ask anything else and we enjoyed the rest of our visit.

True friend bless me so much. They don’t judge or shake their heads. They usually look sad and that’s ok. I feel sad when I hear about hard things my friends face too.

She’s a true friend, but I still wish that my life updates weren’t such a downer!



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  1. Sisterlisa

    Lizzie, we are supposed to help bear one another’s burdens. Lee being gone is a thorn in your life right now, but God can turn it around for good. He sure did that for me.:O)

    I too was without my husband for a long time. I understand those feelings. PTL for your friend who didn’t judge. ((hugs))

    Thank you for letting me know that you understand. That’s a big blessing.

  2. Sisterlisa

    And Praise God for James’ decision!

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