by adustyframe ~ June 29th, 2009

On really hot days, James and I like to have smoothies and muffins for dinner. We often have them for breakfast too. Here’s what we do–it’s not rocket science.

In your blender

plain or vanilla yogurt, and milk
Whatever amount you add, it always works out. Sometimes you need to add a bit more milk if your smoothie is too thick.

Fruit–fresh or frozen.

We most often use strawberries, blueberries, and banana. But you can add anything. Here are some ideas

Add something to boost the nutrition

*Nutritional yeast (go easy)
*Lecithin (for Vit. E)
*Wheat Germ


I let it blend for a long time to add more air.

Recently, I heard about adding spinach to smoothies. Guess what? It’s really good. You can’t taste the spinach although it turns it green. Blueberries help mask the green.

James doesn’t care for his smoothies to be green, but I don’t mind. I find that I have a lot of energy on the days I make a smoothie with spinach.


Freeze them in your popsicle makers. What a wonderful, healthy treat for your little ones.



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  1. katrina

    You make the same basic smoothie that I do. I’ve never tried the spinach, but I think I will. Sounds fun having a green smoothie. Tell James it’s like eating monster snot or something grose. Think he’ll like that idea better? =)

    Probably not!

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