Lee’s new Roommate

by adustyframe ~ July 14th, 2009

He’s not a “cellie” anymore, so I guess he’s a roommate.

He needs your prayers. Lee said he’s a bit mixed up.

He says that he is a dracula and a witch. He also has some other beliefs that are out there.

He told Lee that he took Lee’s energy but gave it back because Lee didn’t have enough for both of them!

Lee told him that as much as he wants to come home, maybe God put him there for a reason. He said, “Maybe God wants me here to tell you that God loves you.” He told his roommate how much God loves him and that God created him for a purpose.

Lee talked with him about what he was reading in the Bible, but he didn’t want to hear any of it.

It’s hard to say if God put Lee there just for this man, but perhaps he did. I’m praying that Lee will have the right words and that God will use something to soften his heart and show him his need of the Saviour.


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  1. TransitionGirl

    wow. the Lord has interesting plans for us. will pray.

  2. Pam

    WOW!!! This certainly sounds like the “SYSTEMS” failure again to recognize
    someone with a serious mental illness.
    Clearly….the Lord can use this situation
    to benefit all involved. I will pray daily for all of you.

    Keep praying! There’s a couple things I’ll share soon!

  3. Chel

    I’ve often wondered why I was put at my current job, where the non-believers very much outnumber the believers. I sometimes think it’s so God can use me to show people how to be a believer and an encourager while still being easy to talk to and confide in and trust. Lee may be onto something when he says God placed him there to minister to his roommate. And what a lovely thing to be trusted and used by God!

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