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by adustyframe ~ July 16th, 2009

Although, I have loved our cooler summer, my garden is not amused.

Everything seems to be growing so slowly!

Here’s a little peek.

garden-web-1James’ onion patch. He doesn’t think they need to be thinned!

I grew 2 kinds of lettuce.


I am growing two kinds of heirloom beans. I purchased the seeds on Etsy. (I got my lettuce seeds there too.) One variety is purple! When I watered tonight and checked, I found some purple beans that I can pick in a couple days. Cool!


Aren’t the little purple bean buds pretty?

garden-web-4Little mint plants

garden-web-5My basil isn’t happy. One plant already died and this one is scraggly. I’ve never had trouble growing basil before!

garden-web-6My cucumbers aren’t overly happy either, but tonight I finally saw a baby cucumber on one plant.

garden-web-9This is a pumpkin that was sprouting from an old rotten pumpkin. We planted it and it has tons of flowers but I don’t see any baby pumpkins on it. We’ll see.

garden-web-7Aren’t my pansies pretty?

Haha! look again

garden-web-8I had several pots of pansies and they all got a bit crispy when we had a heat snap. They haven’t quite recovered although this one is trying!

Oh, I have a tomato plant too that is growing nicely but apparently I forgot to take a photo.

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  1. Pam

    something you might want to try with James. Find a small jar with a narrow neck…put the blossom from the cucumber inside the bottle (leaving it attached to the vine…it will grow and fill up the bottle. When it fills the bottle you can break the vine off, fill with vinegar and cap. It won;t last forever but it is a great conversation piece.
    Pam, South Bend


  2. katrina

    Now I don’t feel so bad about my ‘garden’. I have a small balcony and didn’t get started on a potted garden until last month. I planted seeds and transplanted 2 herb plants. My basil isn’t looking too hot and my rosemary looks like it’s dying. oh, well. Better luck next year!

    Keep trying right?

  3. Alea

    I think your garden looks great! Delicious lettuce and the promise of more vegetables soon.


  4. Jenn

    Well, you got farther than i did on my garden. My seeds are still sitting in their packets. We have some work to do at the back of our property line where the veggie garden is and I didn’t want to have to tread lightly around the plants. As usual, we’re a bit behind schedule. Maybe next year? So, I think your garden looks lovely … oh, and pansies & violas are my favorite flowers.

  5. Chel

    I am so impressed with your garden! I tried more than once to grow a garden, only to spend more on dying plants than I would have if I’d visited the outdoor market near the house.

    I finally decided that a perk of living in Florida was inexpensive, locally grown produce & that buying that was doing my part to help the economy. 🙂 Good theory, huh?

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