Year 3

by adustyframe ~ July 19th, 2009

It’s hard for me to believe that we are already starting Ambleside Year 3!

I guess it’s hard for me to believe how quickly my son is growing up.

I am sold on Charlotte Masons’ philosophy of teaching. I cannot argue with the results and I am so blessed that I found Ambleside. The books we read and the things my son learns never cease to amaze me.

When James was at camp, I spent one morning planning this school year. I got to show Lee all the cool things we’re going to learn and he was excited too. So excited that when his parole officer came over for a home visit, he wanted me to show her everything too.

I didn’t show her everything. If you’re a homeschooling mom you know that pretty quickly our enthusiasm causes eyes to glaze! I did take time to show her a few things because she asked me if James ever gets to leave the house. (haha!) I had to educate her on homeschooling a little bit.

Ok, back to the schedule–I got ahead of myself and added two books that are for future years, so I have to tweak my schedule a bit.

Here’s what we do daily:

Bible which includes Scripture memory, and devotionals. We will continue to use the Catechism book we started last year as well as Boyhood and Beyond and A Faith to Grow On. I’m starting this Scripture memory method and I’m pretty excited about it. I will edit the catechism book a little bit. I don’t agree with their beliefs on baptism for one thing, but a lot of it is very good so I’ll use that part.

Math Math U See Gamma

Copywork I am considering purchasing a copywork book from Queen Homeschool.


Poetry we use the Ambleside selected poets.

Composer again we use the composer selected by Ambleside.

Artist we usually use the Ambleside artist but once in awhile I pick my own or use one they chose for a previous year if we haven’t studied them yet.

Piano either practicing or getting a new lesson. I use Alfred’s All in One piano series.

Literature you can see the books we’re reading here. (Scroll down a bit)

** The science, history, biography, and geography selections are in the 36 week schedule so I didn’t type them all out. Rest assured it’s a very well rounded rigorous curriculum!**

Added to this is the weekly readings selected by Ambleside. I follow their 36 week schedule. How nice of them to organize it!

James is also continuing to work on cursive (Cursive Success) and Latin (Getting Started with Latin).

I want to be more deliberate about the nature journal, handicrafts, folksong, and tea time this year. Folksongs is my weakest area! I think I’m just going to buy a CD and make sure to include it.

I’m probably missing something, but this is my basic plan for the fall.

Anyone else planning their school year?


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  1. ashley@twentysixcats

    Can I just say how happy it makes me to hear you talk about actually being able to *show* Lee your homeschooling plans? I bet he was happy to be a part of that as well. And how cool that you were able to show the parole officer too.

  2. Jeanne

    Hi Lizzie,

    Aren’t we lucky having AO! I don’t think I ever would have homeschooled without it.

    We also use the SCM memory system and Jemimah now knows literally hundreds of Scripture verses and catechism texts. I blogged on how we tweaked the system to make it work for us if you’re interested. It is here:

    We found that it was a little optimistic as it was designed…

    Hope this helps.

  3. Marie

    That is cool, Lizzie – I’m sure it made a positive impression on the parole officer to see how much you two value education!

    I bought 2 Math U See books for over the summer and to be completed during the school year, 5th grade math for Miro and Pre-Algebra for Valentina. We also use A Beka’s Old World History and Geography in Christian Perspective for both of them. We have “A Faith to Grow On”, too, but I hadn’t thought to include it in the additional homeschool work. Good idea!

  4. Christina

    Hey congrats on having most of your planning done. I started my planning last month, but really only sat down and reviewed all the new curriculum I switched to this year. Have you decided what day you are going to start? I can’t believe summer is flying by. I got the note for the homeschool Mom’s planning get together and thought, oh my the school year starts soon!

  5. Susanna

    when does your ‘schooling term’ begin? Our schools have only just broken up for the summer break

  6. Chel

    We actually just started reading “A Faith to Grow On” again with our kids. We’ve done it with Griff, but Eliza’s five now & it seemed like a good time to start it with her.

  7. Lisa

    Ack! Send me your address again so I can get the books off that I promised!

  8. CcsMomma

    I feel like all I’ve been doing is planning. AO is such a blessing to me. I jumped in midway last year, I was unsure where to start. Ultimately I picked where we wanted to start in our history and went from there (which just happened to be Yr. 3). We whizzed through all of 3 and a term of 4. I also have some other courses left over from our cyber-school days that I like to incorporate. I think I am finally getting it all worked out now. The only major thing left for me to do is print out some materials.

  9. Jen B

    Would you mind linking up to here –
    I’m trying to collect homeschool curriculum ideas in one place. There is so much to choose from! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Jen B

    Thanks for sharing. I’m looking for a new Math curriculum, I’ve heard a lot about Math U See. What are some things you like about it? Do you purchase it directly from the company or through places like ebay or amazon.

    I like that there is a DVD with Mr. Demme teaching the lessons. It’s a great reference especially if I’m stuck on how to teach James a concept.

    James loves it–that’s one reason I do!

    I like that they master a concept before doing a new one.

    I like that it’s affordable. I usually buy it new but a couple times I’ve found it cheaper on Ebay. Make sure to check the retail price because sometimes it goes higher on Ebay.

    I’ve interacted with many many families who are thrilled with this curriculum even with high school students.

  11. {jamie's cottage}

    Looks wonderful! ♥

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