Works of God~Monday

by adustyframe ~ July 20th, 2009

works-of-godAny blessings this week? Any answered prayers? Anything learned in your Bible studies?

Leave a link or comment and share with us what God has been doing in your life.

1. Lee started a temp job today. At 4 a.m.! (phew!) It’s not very much pay, but it’s better than nothing. We’re still praying for a better job. He and I have done tons of applying but haven’t heard back from very many.

2. I have a lot of the planning for the school year done. We’ll start sometime in August or right after Labor Day–I haven’t decided yet.

What about you?



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  1. Jen B

  2. Jenny

    Yay for the job! I’ll be praying for an even better one with you!

  3. Susanna

    I keep meaning to take part….and forgetting to!
    1) 3 weeks ago we had a really great weeks holiday with sunshine and everything! More importantly no one was ill… morning sickness did not start until we home- what a blessing!

    2) I am not as sick as usual during pregnancy- with two other munchkins to look after this is cause for great thankfulness.

    3) we had 10 children in our Sunday school this week AND a young man professing faith in Jesus Christ—-hallelujah!

  4. katrina

    Congratulations on the job!!!! I’ll be praying that he gets a better one.

    Pastor gave a great message yesterday morning! It was from IICor 5. I don’t have my Bible or notes with me right now, or else I’d give verses and notes. I’m still thinking about it.

    I went on another ride-along with my friend who’s a Sheriff’s deputy. It was a good night, and now I can’t wait to join the police force!

  5. Pam

    Praising the Lord for Lee’s job….and a home visit from his parole officer….each day a day closer to a re-united family under the loving umbrella of the Lord’s Love!!
    Today we found out that my husbands prostate surgery is moved up to thie coming Monday.
    I am soooo thankful the waiting was really stressing us both out! God Bless

  6. Prairie Rose

    Here’s my awesome God-story for the week:

  7. Lisa

    Has he returned to work-release/half-way house?? That’s good that he has a job though. I will pray for God’s will on his job.

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