Prison Food

by adustyframe ~ July 21st, 2009

So, Lee bought ingredients to make a prison recipe for me.

It was interesting to say the least! Actually it wasn’t that bad, but I can’t imagine deciding to make it again.


1 package chili flavored Ramen noodles

1 snack size package of Flaming Hot Cheetos


Crush up the ramen and chips. Add just enough hot water to make a mush.

Stir & eat!


*If you’re not stuck with prison food, you may not enjoy this.*


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  1. Loretta

    I ran across ur comment on Kelly’s blog. I thought I would check out ur site. OH MY.. has so many wonderful links and things on it. Also.. the recipe that u posted. I have heard about it to and my boyfriend told me when he gets home he will be cooking for me. He says I will like some of the prison food he makes. He sent me this recipe for cheesecake the other day and wow.. I would probably eat that in a heartbeat. Yes… he currently serving time and I can’t wait until he comes home. I do have a blog but its just kinda boring and etc. But Im going to try to do better at it.. well thats my goal. I hope you and your family have a blessed day and thanks again for having a great site.

  2. Jenny

    My husband had a co-worker who had been incarcerated and he made something similar when he was released for Michael to try. He said he actually missed eating it. I guess you have to get creative with the available ingredients! 🙂

  3. Marie

    🙁 Do you get to send/bring him anything homemade?

    I’m thinking….I want to say it was on Prison Fellowship’s website, Chuck Colson had a helpful .pdf handbook of sorts for inmates (or those facing incarceration) that included recipes they could make with ingredients from the prison store. Do you know the one I’m talking about? If not, I’ll try and dig up the link.

  4. Marie

    Found what I was talking about:

    It’s Colson’s Prison Survival Guide; he talks about health and fitness/nutrition in prison. You probably already know about it, though.

  5. Barbara H.

    I think I’ll pass, thanks. 🙂

  6. Stephanie

    ugh that sounds so yucky! But it is neat that he is getting creative with what he has! There has to be a lesson in that somewhere, don’t you think? 🙂

  7. Ashley Anglin

    I saw your comment on Kelly’s Korner. My brother, Lee is in prison. I have blogged about him before..
    anyways, your blog is really cute and inspiring!!!

  8. Kate

    Break is another Ramen noodle dish they make and it varies according to taste and ing. on hand. Dh’s father made it often when he lived with us in between serving time. It has Ramen noodles and mayo with your choice of- onions, tuna, hot peppers, hot sauce and I am sure half a dozen other items that I can’t think of off hand!

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