by adustyframe ~ July 27th, 2009


Earlier this week, I began a new project involving much preparation.

I found a fun pattern using fabric to knit. I had to take pieces of fabric, tear them into shreds and tie EACH piece together.

Then I had to roll it all up into a ball of “yarn”.

My Titus 2 friend came over to knit with me on Monday afternoon. She took us out for lunch, then we settled in the backyard listening to James splash in the pool.

I decided to work on this project rather than knit the half finished scarves I was working on.

I said quite a few times, “I do NOT like this prep work. I just want it to be done and knit.”

She said to me, “Well when the work is done, you will be so happy and enjoy it. You’ll be so happy you stuck with it.”

I kept on tying strips and complaining about the slow process.

I’ve knit quite a bit of my project this week (pictures may soon follow).

And she was right. I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. I even like looking at the charming ball of “yarn”.

Obviously, I could not knit fabric without preparing it and making it usable.

I thought about this complaint in my life earlier this week.

My dislike for the prep work for my knitting project, isn’t unlike my feelings I sometimes harbor about this trial.

I do NOT like this.

Our lives–like the fabric–have been ripped to shreds.

You can imagine that having your life ripped to shreds is painful.

The fabric had no choice.

It could have been made into a quilt, a blouse, a curtain, a tablecloth perhaps.

So many options. Perhaps it even dreamed of the way it would live out it’s use.

I’m fairly certain being ripped into a mass of stringy shreds wasn’t on it’s agenda.

This fabric “yarn” had quite a few strings that began to hang off the strips I was tearing..

Our lives have a lot of hanging shreds. We have so many parts of our lives and future that are tangled and hanging.

The “yarn” once prepared and wound into a useful object, now serves it purpose.

It’s cooperating with me to make a super cute and usable item.

A couple of times, though, I have had to stop and rip out sections that I believed were already finished.

I know God has to do that in my life. Sometimes, I feel that I have victory in an area and then something happens to show me that God has quite a bit of ripping out to do.

I’m thankful that he is good and won’t allow me (or Lee and I) to be fashioned into something that’s “ok”. He is making us into something perfect for the use he has in store for us.

I do not believe that God delighted in ripping our lives to shreds.

I wonder if he ever looked at us and saw how much work was needed to make us usable.

(Of course he knew from the foundations of the earth what he had to do to make Lee and I into servants that he could use.)

I hope that when he sees us, he sees something that brings him pleasure. Just like my ball of “yarn” delights me.

I know that he is winding the threads of our lives back together. We will be stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

Someday soon, you will get to see the outcome of my fabric knitting project. Maybe you will “ooo” and “ahh”.

I know I will.

I will sit back and admire my handiwork. I will use this item that I am laboring over.

I pray that God will use those whom he is laboring over in my family.

I pray also that I will not grow weary in this seemingly endless preparation work that God is doing in our lives.

Perhaps you will be able to look on and say, “Oh! THAT’S what God was doing.”

Maybe there will be a few shreds still visible. Certainly some scars and imperfections in our humanness.

But, you will probably see something that is just perfectly designed as God planned all along.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

**You can see my finished project here.


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  1. Carrie

    What a great parable!

  2. Robin in New Jersey

    I can so relate to this post right now and really wish I didn’t know what you are talking about, but I do.

    I’m sorry:( ((hugs))

  3. Pam

    First of all that verse in Jeremiah is my
    favorite verse!!
    You told that story in an amazing way….painted a beautiful word picture….no wonder you are an amazing home school teacher!! God Bless, Pam

    aww thanks;)

  4. katrina

    WOW! Missed the orriginal post. Glad I caught it this time.

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