Birthday Card #10

by adustyframe ~ August 20th, 2009

bday-3I appreciate Barbara’s encouragement and kind words. Having faithful readers who have become friends is a blessing  to me.

I first came across A Dusty Frame through a contest in which her post about keeping her covenant of marriage was entered. I was touched deeply by her commitment to be faithful to her Lord and her husband through difficult circumstances — not because it was a good dramatic “story” but because Lizzie showed forth true, living faith. I had read the Scripture through many times and heard marriage preached on multitudes of times but I had never heard the application from the passage that she mentioned, yet it fit so perfectly. But it was not just a neat or inspiring application ; it was real life, tested in the fire.

Plus I just loved her blog name: A Dusty Frame, based on Psalm 103:14 was so clever and so perfect.

I don’t read too many “devotional” blogs because often they end up too preachy (even though I am someone who believes in good, Biblical preaching), but Lizzie’s is more of a life blog. Though I have felt so bad for some of the circumstances she has gone through, yet I rejoice to see her walking by faith, relying on God in every circumstance, taking every need, whether material, emotional, or spiritual, before His throne and trusting Him to provide.

I love reading Lizzie blog for her genuineness and for her example. She has taught me much in my time here. I know all of her readers are so looking forward to the day when her family is reunited: yet that won’t be the fairy-tale end of the journey. It will be a new beginning with new needs and new adjustments — as well as new joys.

Keep on blogging, Lizzie, and keep on walking with the Lord and letting your light shine here in cyberspace. Happy Blog Birthday!

Barbara @ Stray Thoughts


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