Birthday Card #14

by adustyframe ~ August 21st, 2009

bday-party-1I hope you’re not tired of all these sweet birthday wishes. I’ve been encouraged as they’ve rolled into my inbox. I’m also encouraged when you leave a comment on any of these posts.

Thank you, Chel for sharing your kindness and encouragement and all the ways you’ve been so thoughtful to us.

I have a diverse list of blogs that I enjoy. I try specifically to find blogs that make me think in ways that might not be in sync with my natural tendencies. Much like I try to choose my friends, I try to choose blogs that will bring something new and different to my world.

Lizzie has done that. While we are both believers and clearly share a core set of beliefs, I’m pretty sure some of the other beliefs we hold dear aren’t the same. She is a home-schooling stay-home-mom while I work full-time in the corporate world and send my kids off to public school every day. We’re not living similar lives.

And while I hate the struggles Lizzie and James and Lee face, I read her blog specifically because we aren’t living similar lives. She has opened my eyes to the struggles families of inmates face, to the struggles the inmates themselves face, to the injustices of the justice system.

I don’t know what Lee did that put his family in this situation, and I don’t much care. Because I know and care for Lizzie (all through the blog), I hope Lee understands how truly blessed he is to have a wife who stayed and struggled with him rather than taking James and moving on. I appreciate the opportunity to witness that kind of love. More than that, though, I appreciate Lizzie’s honesty in pointing out her hurt and anger and unhappiness. I don’t think I could respect her or A Dusty Frame if she didn’t point out those things.

And I do appreciate and respect her. I think Lizzie’s doing a lovely job with her life and her son and her marriage. I hope that, in the years to come, both Lee and James look back on these years and see that God blessed them with this woman.

Happy Blog Birthday, Lizzie. Thank you for sharing.

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3 Thoughts Shared to Birthday Card #14

  1. Beth

    Chel has put into words want I am sure many of your readers, and friends see and hear from your blog. A honest Godly woman allowing God to work in and through her and her family to a hurting world. God is growing each of them Lizzie, Lee, & James. As she and her family work through and out the deep hurts and sorrows. Also the times of joy and rejoicing. We love you Lizzie, Lee & James. Our prayer that you will all be together again soon. Thank you Chel for sharing your thoughts with Lizzie and all of us that read her blog.

  2. Chel

    I’m glad to have been able to be a part of such a fun birthday event for such a tender, loving blog!

  3. happy, happy at Chasing Contentment

    […] over at Lizzie’s today helping to celebrate her blog birthday. Ya’ll go by and see what she’s got going on. […]

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