Works of God~Monday

by adustyframe ~ August 24th, 2009

works-of-godPhew, after all the birthday hoopla, I’m ready to get back to normal blogging.

I had this up last week, but I think it got lost in the shuffle.

If you’d like to share any blessings or things you’re learning you can do so any day this week. You may leave a comment or link to a post on your blog from the past month.

Here are some of my blessings.

1. My friend Joy stayed with us last week for several days. I so enjoyed having another adult around. We chatted, thrifted, played, and had fun.

2. Some decisions were being made about Lee’s probation. I had high hopes for positive changes, but it didnt work out that way. I struggled with a lot of disappointment, but I know that God is in control no matter what it looks like from down here.

3. One of Lee’s nephews got married on Friday. Joy watched James so I could go. We enjoyed a pleasant evening visiting with Lee’s family and I’m glad I could be there.

4. We found out this week that my brother and his wife are having a boy! James and I are very excited to meet him in a few months.

5. All the birthday wishes and kind comments were a blessing to me last week too.

What about you?


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  1. Jenny

  2. Pam

    I hesitate to write this but I know Lizzie would want me to be honest….My husband has been off work for a month recovering from prostate surgery and quite frankly I thought we would drive each other CRAZZZZZZY !! BUT it was really…really nice. The first two weeks were very “medically focused” but after that we got into a routine of relaxing and it was nice. We used to tease each other and say he could NEVER retire because it would be too much togeterness….now I think we could handle it. I thank the Lord for peace and quiet. Lizzie I am so sorry this probation thing is D R A G G I N G on and on…I’m sure it will be awesome when you find out why.
    God Bless, Pam. South Bend

  3. katrina

    I had been freeking out because my parents changed their dates for visiting me this fall. I thought I would have trouble with my work schedue, but everything is looking up! God is so good!!!

    I was finally able to buy tires for my car and get the oil changed on Saturday!!! Yeah!!!

    I will have my final appointment for my crown and root canal on Thursday. I’m so happy! This has been an ordeal to say the least. I think this will be visit #7.

    Can’t wait to see what will happen this week!

  4. Robin in New Jersey

    I’m so sorry the probation didn’t work out the way you had hoped it would.

    I’m very thankful that my daughter had a wonderful time at camp last week with her cousin. Her first time away from home was a very positive experience.

  5. Janean

    1) My financial aid for Summer term finally came through! That was an incredible blessing!
    2) Gonna be able to do some fun things with my kids this week before they start school – the beach and the zoo! YAY
    3) All my bills are paid up.
    4) my family is healthy.
    5) I have another chance at the EMT Intermediate Practical exam in a month…instead of the YEAR I thought I was going to have to wait!
    God is good all the time…All the time, Our God is good!!

  6. Lisa

    Back to public school prayers answered and some prayer concerns about expectations

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