New chaplain

by adustyframe ~ August 27th, 2009

The prison Lee was incarcerated in awhile ago has a new chaplain.

Apparently the chaplain is a pagan and has canceled the marriage seminars that we loved going to.

We don’t go now (just in case you wondered).

It was such a blessing to us and a way to feel connected for a couple hours. I’m sad for those we’ve met who will miss out on this.


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  1. Lisa

    How can you have a pagan chaplain??? I really don’t understand this country anymore….

  2. Jen

    Ditto Lisa!!! I was just going to type exactly the same thing!

  3. Pam

    Clearly he doesn’t recognize the value of
    these for couples….maybe there are some stats that would encourage him to continue them….glad you and Lee were blessed to experience them. Pam, South Bend

  4. TransitionGirl

    a pagan chaplain? sounds a bit contradictory.

  5. katrina

    One of the young couples in my church, the husband is feeling called to be a chaplain. Doesn’t know where yet.

  6. Miss Jocelyn

    Aww, I am sorry, and excuse me, but how does a ‘pagan chaplain’ make any sense? I will pray that another mentor comes into his life that will be able to guide him down the narrow path. I did see Mr. Kyle leave a comment on your page at GTH and I know he is a great inspiration. : )


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