Works of God~Monday

by adustyframe ~ August 30th, 2009


I shared a great works of God last week.

What about you? Are you learning anything in your Bible study? Any answered prayers? Are you just thankful for the “little” blessings in your life?

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  1. Pam

    My praise this week is for my husbands health.
    He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June. No symptoms except a slightly rising PSA numbers 9.5. We went to IU hospital in Indianapolis and Dr. Koch removed his prostate on July 27th. On Aug. 27th we found out that he did infact have a tumor the size of a quarter. We also found out that he is
    CANCER FREE!!! PSA is now 0.04 It is a very comon cancer in men and very very treatable if caught early. If you have men in your life encourage them to get a PSA test.
    Many times there are NO SYMPTOMS!!Only a biopsy can tell you what is going on and that is NOT painful….uncomforable yes but NOT painful.God Bless, Pam, South Bend

    That’s a wonderful praise! I’m so thankful to hear this!

  2. MaggieRaye

    I had a blessing over the weekend. The man that I gave the very first quilt I ever made to, not only still had it, but was happy to oblige my request for photos. Back then I had no idea where it would all lead. You can see it on my blog. What are the chances that after 23 years???? I praise God. There are many memories of my Grammie connected with that quilt project.

    I had a second blessing today when I came to post this. There is a link in your side bar to a ministry I knew about years ago and hadn’t thought of in ages, now I get to follow up on it.

    Thanks for all you do Lizzie.

    Blessings, MaggieRaye

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