Love Letter

by adustyframe ~ September 10th, 2009

Years ago Lee left me a note on the table saying he’d be home late and was bringing home fish for dinner.

The back page of the note said, “Love you, Lee”.

I hung  the note inside my cupboard door where I can see it often. Over the years he was gone, I often stood at the cupboard and re-read the note. Sometimes I  ran my hands across it wishing I could touch him.

(I know that may sound silly, but when a spouse is physically removed,  the longing  for any connection is great.)

I shared last week in “adjusting” that we’ve had difficult days lately.  So, I felt doubly blessed when I opened my cupboard door the other day and saw my note ammended to read,

“and Lee still loves you even more 9-1-09”

I immediately burst into tears and sobbed for several minutes. The tears can  be explained by the stress I’m sure. But it was just what I needed–the note and probably the tears too!

Sometimes we don’t even feel like we’re married. It’s been so long since we’ve been together as a family and often we feel like we’re barely hanging on by a thread. Little moments that reconnect us are very important and I’m thankful for them.

**If my blogging is sparse, or my writing sounds different, it’s this old computer. It doesn’t like posting  on my blog and is very slow. It’s difficult to edit and spell check because it takes forever. I’ll edit and retag some things when I get back on a newer computer;)!**


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  1. Beth

    That is so precious. Thanks again for all your sharing. Tears are good for us. Tears of joy are best but others are helpful to get rid of some stress.

  2. Pam

    My husband had prostate cancer surgery in
    July. We were very blessed to receive prayers,cards, flowers and food from many of
    his co-workers and friends. He was given a clean bill of health Aug. 27 and returned to work on Aug. 28th. He spent some time everyday in his recovery writing thank you notes…..Monday night I found the most beautiful hand written note from him in my bathroom before we went to bed. He thanked
    me for the care I gave him and said many more sweet things….Lizzie I too cried…you remind me NOT TO TAKE HIM FORGRANTED….
    I pray that you and Lee and James are reunited
    very….very…very soon.
    God Bless, Pam, South Bend

  3. Jenny

    That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing, and praying for a swift reunion for the family.

  4. Joy

    that was sooo sweet….it even brought tears to my eyes!!!

  5. Barbara H.

    God’s timing is so good. Hope you can all be together soon.

  6. Robin in New Jersey

    Praying that God works a miracle and you are reunited soon.

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