by adustyframe ~ September 11th, 2009



I’m late in posting this, but I didn’t want the day to go by without remembering.

James and I are spending the weekend with my brother and sister in law. He’s a football coach at an area high school ant tonight we went to the game. We stood in a moment of silence for 9/11. Then we faced the flag at half mast and listened to the Star Spangled Banner.

I felt chills tonight during the moment of silence. I’ve been remembering that day today and thinking how horrible it was. Watching the footage today, I still can’t wrap my mind around the enormity of the tragedy.  I remember how fearful I was when I heard about the attack on the Pentagon. That part of the day just about did me in. I think that we trust in the Pentagon to keep us safe. 

9/11 was and is such a huge reminder to me that we are not in control of anything. It’s a reminder that life can change in an instant. The only way to stay sane and have any peace is to place our trust in our Almighty God. Not the President or the Pentagon–only God.

James is watching some of the footage today for the 1st time.  I’ve never felt he was old enough to see any of it before. He was a tiny baby when this happened. He had a lot of questions today. Mainly why would someone do this?

What about you? Do you remember your thoughts from that day?


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  1. TransitionGirl

    i remember it was night time for me. the night before my final leaving examinations for my secondary school. my mom had come running out of her room, telling us to turn on the news.

    We were just stunned by what we saw, the plane slamming into the tower… and then the tower collapsing. I spent the next few hours glued to the news, trying to make sense of what happened. was just so stunned.

    the next morning in school, my principal talked to us about it in assembly and (since it was a christian school) prayed with the whole school.

  2. Beth

    We were vacationing in the state of Michigan. We had just came into a resturant from walking on the shores of Lake Michigan. We came in laughing and so happy. I said to the waitress “It is a beautiful day”. She looked at my husband and I like are you crazy. She said “unless your in New York”. I said why did something happen there. She took us in a room with a tv. Just seconds after we entered that room the second plane flew into the towers. Soon the whole happy atmoosphere disappeared. We were all stunned and so saddened. I lost the safe secure feeling I had always had living here in the USA.

  3. Pam

    My daughter is a special ed teacher and I was babysitting her 2 children who were 3 and 5 at the time…I had a small TV in the kitchen and they were playing very peacefully in the
    family room and could not see the TV….the contrast (along with the violence to inocent people) broke my heart….those 2 precious preschoolers without a care in the world playing sweetly together. We too thought they were way to young to see or hear what was going on and were succesful at keeping it from them. I wish we could come together again as a nation without needing a crisis to cause us to draw near to each other.
    God Bless, Pam, South Bend

  4. Nancy M.

    Hey! I’m visiting from the links at Mama Bzz. I like your blog!

    The pentagon being hit is what scared me the most that day too! My oldest was 4 then and we watched a dvd of 9/11 yesterday and he cried. He was very angry with those that would do that to our country. I think it’s very important for him to understand what happened that day.

  5. Susanna

    I was at work. It was about 4.00 in the afternoon here. My sister texted me on my way home and told me a plane had crashed in NY.
    I went home and turned on the t.v….and did not turn it off again for a long time. It was like watching something out of an action movie except I knew with a chill in my heart that it was real. David came home and found me watching it. We worked in the same hoepital. He had heard about it earlier but had no told me for fear I woulod be too upset.
    We had a prayer meeting that night. What a blessing it was to join togetehr and pray for all those who were hurt and grieving and remind ourselves that we could approach teh HIghest Authority even when we did not understand.

    There have been many tv programs on in the UK this week about various aspects of 9/11. One was 102 minutes that changed the world. It was real footage taken by many differnt people. David could only watch the first 15 mins(I was out) He said it was like feeling the raw terror of those there. I think he has watched it in bits on the computer- you can only take so much real horror at one time.

    We felt a little of what you did in July 06 when London was bombed- thank God it was nothing like the scale of 9/11

  6. Susanna

    and that should have read July 05….

  7. katrina

    What a flood of memories. I was getting ready for a doctor’s appointment before getting to work and heard the news on the radio. Ran out to the livingroom and called my two roommates in to see what was happening. It was right after the 2nd plane hit. We didn’t have radio, tv, or internet access available in my area at work, but someone brought one in. I was a wreck when the plane went down in PA because it was so near where my sisters lived.

    At church that night, we had a special prayer service. I spent the night with my best friend because she didn’t want to be alone while house sitting.

    Crazy memories.

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