Works of God~Monday

by adustyframe ~ September 21st, 2009


Has God been up to anything in your life this week?

I am blessed to work with Lee on our projects. It’s been fun to plan and make samples to see what works. We’re hoping to do a flea market in a couple of weeks.

God has faithfully provided for us and I am so thankful.

He continues to work in my heart about anger. Mostly showing me what a miserable failure I am in that regard. Isn’t it good that he loves us enough to change us?

Getting back to school is also a blessing. I so enjoy teaching my son and watching him learn and grow.

What about you?


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  1. Jen B

  2. Jenny

    it is fun to watch your kiddos learn – I imagine it never gets old!! Here’s some of what God is doing this week in our family –

  3. Sara

    Here’s my post about worship:

  4. Beth

    This past week I was able to spend three days with two former roommates from back in the fifties. When it came time to check out of the hotel they would not allow me to spend one penny toward the hotel. We had a beautiful location over looking Lake Superior. Thankful as all three of us traveled we were all kept safe. Leafs were mixed in color so enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation.

  5. Pam

    On Sept 5th a friend of our grandson’s
    (age 14) wa sereously injured in a dirt bike accident at a family farm. He was in a coma
    for a little over a week….and today he is awake and functioning almost normally!!! PTL
    He comes from an awesome Christ centered family and this has allowed them to witness
    to many …many people…God Bless, Pam
    South Bend

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