Sheriff’s Van

by adustyframe ~ September 22nd, 2009

Yesterday, James and I were sitting at a stop light near the courthouse. A blue van sat in front of us.

I said, “That says it’s a Sherrif’s van.”

James asked me why  they needed a van.

I told him that when someone in jail needs to go to court, the officers take them in the van.

James could see the bars inside the van and he thought he saw a head too.

I told him that the person has handcuffs on and shackles and there is a chain between the two so they can’t run away when the van stops.

Then the light turned green and we drove towards home and I wished that I didn’t know all those details.


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  1. Lisa

    Oh Lizzie, don’t beat yourself up over this. Most adults do have a clue this. It’s sad that you know it “so well” but let it go. God knows the plans he has for you….plans to prosper you–remember. Remember there are folks loving on you and praying for you. James asked a question and you answered it. That’s all it has to be. I’m praying and will continue to do so. [Hug]

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