School Laughs

by adustyframe ~ September 28th, 2009

During school last week, we checked on our celery experiment.

Earlier in the week, we put celery stalks in red water to watch the capillaries pull the dye up into the stalk and leaves.

We also put one in water in the fridge and one in the fridge in a cup with no water.

As we were filling out the observation sheet, I asked James, “What part of the plant pulls the water up?”

He didn’t know so I said, “Cap…..”

James said, “Capistrophic?”

“Well, capistrophic isn’t really a word, honey.”

He scrunched up his face and looked at me and said, “If it’s not a word, why are you using it?”

ARRGH! Silly boy!


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  1. Lisa

    Try that experiment with white flowers–it’s cool. You have to cut the flower stems daily at a to get the best results.

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