My Uncle

by adustyframe ~ October 12th, 2009

Before we left for Grandma’s funeral, I asked you to pray for my Uncle.

I barely know my mom’s brother. We’ve always lived far away and after Grandpa died, Grandma came to see us. We didn’t really spend much time with the extended family.

The last time I saw my uncle, I was 8.

It was good to get to know him a little bit better. He looks exactly like my Grandpa and very much like my mom.

On Sunday, he came to church with us. We were all excited. He went for Sunday School and for the church service.

My father expertly wove the entire plan of salvation into the Sunday School lesson, the morning service, and of course the funeral.

My uncle didn’t choose to be accept Christ as far as we know, but it’s not because he hasn’t heard! He thinks that because God saved him from dying in Vietnam he is “saved”.

We’re praying that God will work in his heart with the things he’s heard and the circumstances in his life. Hopefully, he will see his need of a Savior very soon.


3 Thoughts Shared to My Uncle

  1. Pam

    There is nothing as sad I loving someone who
    hasn’t accepted the Lord….
    God Bless, Pam, South Bend

  2. Barbara H.

    Amen, Lizzie. That’s my prayer for many loved ones as well. May the Lord keep working on the soil of his heart to make it “good ground.”

  3. Stephanie

    You know the seed was planted and God will water and make it grow. Praying for soft and tender ground in your uncles heart for it to take root!

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