Holding our Breath….

by adustyframe ~ October 22nd, 2009

So, after I went and got all whiney, my husband got a call from the company he applied at on Monday.

He went in for an interview tonight and they’ll let him know after some more interviews tomorrow.

Thank you for praying with us!


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  1. leftcoastonlooker

    Praise the Lord!
    We’re praying!

  2. Mae

    Oh, I do hope they give him the job! If not, I agree with Lee that worry doesn’t change anything. Every job he DOESN’T get just means God has something else in mind for him.

    This season of your life has been EXTREMELY harsh and difficult. I look forward with great expectation to hearing how, one day, God will use it to His glory! In the meantime, sister, may He grant you peace, comfort, and JOY!

  3. Beth

    That is good we will pray he will hear very soon. Hope this will be the job he gets.

  4. TransitionGirl


  5. TransitionGirl

    oh yah, sorry for MIA. busy with changing situation here. but just remembered to tell ya: something is coming your way via snail mail. 🙂


  6. Barbara H.


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