Question of the Day

by adustyframe ~ October 28th, 2009

I haven’t asked a question for awhile.

Here’s a good one that should have some interesting responses.

What fad sucked you in?


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  1. MamaHen

    Blogging 🙂

  2. Christina

    Well how far back are you going? Feathered hair, leg warmers, banana clips, big big hair, black liquid eye liner, tretorn sneakers, friendship pins, big boom boxes, anything with rainbows on it, sweaters tied around your neck, preppy clothes, tye dye shirts, clogs, candies shoes, jelly shoes, jelly jackets, fingerless gloves – Hmm not all at the same time of course!

  3. Ellen

    Hmmm…black lace Madonna-like fingerless gloves – worn with leggings & a skirt (and top of course!) 🙂

  4. Mae

    Pegged jeans. Big bangs. Does scrapbooking count, lol?

  5. Rebecca

    Big hair, a single ponytail on the side, jelly shoes, and fake glasses.

    Fake glasses?

  6. theprincessofquitealot

    I had the big hair and jelly shoes….I loved jelly shoes.

    You had big hair?!

  7. Christina

    Oh I forgot about fake glasses! That was so silly.

  8. Dana Wilson

    Valley Girl…shes a Valley Girl.
    Like totally! Gag me with a spoon.
    That fad totally sucked me in growing up in the 80’s.

  9. ashley@twentysixcats

    When I was a teenager living in South America, it was a fad to wear wide-legged black jeans with white stitching and big, baggy flannel shirts. I totally got into that fad! 🙂

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