It’s silly to be sad

by adustyframe ~ October 29th, 2009

table-1God’s provision has been so amazing to us for all this time. I am so thankful for each and every person who ever prayed, gave, or shared in any way.

I know that the only reason we’ve made it through this is because of God’s wonderful love and provision.

As you know I sell on Etsy and Ebay. (I only share my Etsy link here). Several times through these years, I’ve prayed, “Lord, when it’s time to sell the Longabergers please let me know.”

They’re just things right? They’re just things.

Longabergers are expensive collectible baskets and I have quite a few. I bought them when I was single and working. Or I’d get them very cheap on Ebay, when we had 2 incomes. I’ve also found a few at the thrift store for super cheap. I haven’t gone to a party or purchased them even on Ebay in years. (I don’t want you to think I’m blowing money on Longabergers now!)

However, I do enjoy them. There isn’t anything wrong with having and enjoying pretty things–even when you’re “income challenged”.

Everytime, I prayed that prayer, I didn’t feel it was time to sell them so I kept enjoying them.

Last week, when I prayed, I knew it was time to sell the Longabergers. I put an ad online and had some excited collectors contact me.

I dusted the first 3 baskets for a lady to look at. As they sat on my counter that day, I thought, “Oh man! I don’t want to do this.” But our finances said it was definitely time and so I was very thankful for the money she handed me as she walked away with my baskets.

Then someone else emailed me. “Is the picnic basket still available?’

NO! NO it’s NOT! (that’s what I wanted to say!)

Sigh, yes it still was.

I have been using it to store yarn and for a beside table right now. But I definitely took it on a lot of picnics. I wanted a Longaberger picnic basket for years and bought it with my birthday money on Ebay many years ago.

Between the time she emailed me and the time she came over, Lee got a job. More on this soon because it’s a HUGE exciting wonderful blessing!

I wanted to call her and say, “So my husband got a job and I won’t need to sell this basket anymore.” Except he got the job while she was on her way and how could I say no when I was the one who put it up for sale in the 1st place?

I hoped against hope that she would decide against it but she walked out of the house with my picnic basket.

Here’s where the silly came in. I was so sad after she left.

I know it’s just a thing. A silly overpriced basket. I am thankful for our home and heat and food and shouldn’t care about a silly thing.

But I did and I was sad. I’m still sad! I’m annoyed at myself that a thing can make me so sad.

Maybe it’s just that it symbolized happy times and picnics and family.

Maybe it’s that I need to make sure my treasures aren’t on earth.

Maybe I need to have a looser hold on things that don’t really  matter.

I didn’t share this to say “oh poor me I had to sell my silly expensive basket”.  I just wanted to share another piece of how this part of our life stinks–how it’s not easy to sell your things even while you’re thankful for the provision so bills can be paid. It’s another piece of the honesty puzzle.

I’m definitely human and I definitely struggle and sometimes I hold onto the Longabergers just a little too tightly.



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  1. theprincessofquitealot

    This post makes me sad too….your baskets are just things, but they hold many memories and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to keep something nice just because you’re going through this……BUT I just had this thought…..If God told you it’s time to sell them and He provided people to buy them, then He can and will replace them for you in the future….the important thing is that you’re trusting God and you obeyed His leading even though it required you to give up something you treasured greatly.

    Thanks, you are right that God can replace them or give me something better. Or change my heart;0!

  2. Lona

    Hugs to you. I can totally relate. At this point in my life, it’s not so much letting go of things as it is letting go of dreams. We are being refined all the time, and it’s not much fun. Keep looking ahead to the goal…

    ((hugs)) back at ya;). The letting go of dreams:( yeah that too

  3. Beth

    I think it is okay to feel sad about these things…many times I think it is because we feel not in control…Hang in there

    You’re right. It’s the “not in control”

  4. Rachel

    Hi. I recently found your blog through a friend & am appreciating your honest look at your life and trials. We’ve been through a few ourselves lately. Different from yours, but so very hard in their own way. I find such comfort in knowing that, even when what makes me sad is somehow silly or misplaced, I can run to my Father’s arms with complete confidence that my pain, even this “silly” pain, matters to him. Praying that you keep finding joy in God’s provision and comfort in his arms, — Rachel

    Thank you for leaving a comment! Thank you too for reminding me that you know that our Father loves us even when we’re sad about silly things.

  5. Ame

    i get it. i totally get it. sometimes we have to give up so much, and we get tired of giving it up. i get it … and i think it’s okay to be sad, for a season

    Thanks for getting it! You’re good at that.

  6. Christina

    I always enjoy reading your transparent posts Lizzie. I have been learning the lesson of letting go of possessions too, as have my children. Now when we get anything “new to us” we sit down and figure out what we can give away. Sometimes are most prized possessions are just expensive clutter. What is the point of keeping it when it can bless someone else, or in the basket case, pay a bill!

    Thanks. You’re right. Doesn’t mean it’s always fun;) And I had to lol at in the “basket case”;)

  7. Ellen

    It’s not silly to be sad. The basket is/was a creative item, some little thing that brings/brought joy to you when you look/looked at it… I know I have certain items that would be difficult for me to let go. Trying to keep an eternal perspective on stuff like this can be a struggle, but it is worth it in the end. It’s more a lesson, a time of maturing,really. (I know – I need lots of maturing! 🙂

  8. celina

    sometimes it’s easier to be sad about “things” , there is an end to the sadness,,,,you can let yourself “grief” for their loss and know you won’t lose yourself. To grief for situations, people, unfairness…sometimes we can’t see the bottom of that pit and it’s hard to just let ourselves go..but the baskets you can grieve “safely” for.

    God gave you the nod to sell them, and the people to buy them…you know you shall overcome this too…and we’ll be there..

  9. MaggieRaye

    Oh, Lizzie, I could so identify with this post.

    As the matter of fact, I was sad, just now over this amazing painting I saw that I would love to give my daughter for Christmas — I looked it up online and wow! I had no idea how expensive art could be. It’s nothing we could afford. It is certainly nothing we need. But it was just so “perfect”.

    So I’m going to try not to be too mad at myself for being sad over it. And I’m going to remember that I’m not the only one.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Jacque

    We are presently going through all of the things we own, and getting rid of all the things we really do not need. We will be keeping a few things that hold memories, photo albums, and some pretties, but very few.
    I have PartyLite. Haven’t bought a piece in several years, but I have a lot. So… I am getting rid of a lot.
    We have so far gone through the kitchen, my books and school books, toys, the PartyLite, the garage, and we are working on clothes… We have so much in storage tubs that we change out. We are about 1/2way through. We still have a lot to go through.

    It is a hard thing, but I really do feel that if most of us are honest, we do have too much attachment to our “stuff”. After all, we live in America, the land of “Stuff”.

    So, I do understand, and I give Yehovah glory for working in your heart and giving you the strength and wisdom to see it for what it really is and obeying him for the best he has for you.
    Praying and believing for the many blessings he has for you and Lee and your family!


  11. Pam

    I am more than a little anxious to hear about Lee’s JOB!!
    God Bless, Pam, South Bend

  12. Chel

    I am notorious for placing unusual amounts of import upon material things. I have a rock that a friend of mine gave me on my wedding day & I have kept that rock in whatever car I was driving for 15 years now. I think things have the potential to represent emotions and love and feelings.

    I’m sorry you had to part with your baskets.

  13. Revka

    I remember one of the many times we didn’t have enough money to make it to the end of the month when I was growing up. My mom took her few cherished inheritances – a yellowed old copy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a porcelain bride doll, her grandmother’s antique pitcher and washbasin – and sold them to pawnshops. I wasn’t even a teenager, but it made me sad. It still makes me sad to remember those lost treasures.

    I can relate to your feelings. Certain items have sentimental or other special value to us, and it can be hard to let go. I’m sorry you did have to sell your basket. Perhaps the Lord will replace it for you. I’m very thankful He provided Lee with a job.

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