Works of God

by adustyframe ~ November 16th, 2009


Any Works of God in your life this week?

I’m thankful for health–even though we’ve not been feeling well. James got “it” yesterday. Hopefully today he’s better.  I’m thankful though that it’s just a small thing and that we have immune systems to fight it off.

I’m thankful for coupons–got some good deals this week.

I’m thankful for a warm Autumn! (Can’t emphasize that one enough!)

I’m thankful for a new printer. My old one was 7 years old and just quit. I’ve been limping along without a printer for several months. That’s not easy with homeschool, and online selling. I found a cheap one at the store that seems to be doing a great job!

I’m thankful for sunshine. Gray days make me so sleepy!

What about you?


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  1. MamaHen

    I too am thankful for the beautiful fall weather. I seem to get so much more done when it is nice outside.

  2. MaggieRaye

    Wow! Like the new blog!
    My blessing is a “mixed” one. We just found out that because my daughter has turned 18, when our lease is up, we will no longer be eligible for a 3 bedroom unit, through our rental assistance program. We wanted to move when the lease was up, but now we’ll have to — the down side is that we have to wait until the lease is up. I actually am excited to see what the Lord will do to provide for us, because my daughter plans on remaining at home with us for awhile….

  3. Sally

    Amen to the nice fall weather. We are thankful that after searching for a job since July of 2008 my husband has a job. He started today. It is seven miles from our house. He will work four hours a day and five days a week . Praise the Lord!

  4. Stephanie

    God has been so good to us and I am so humbled and feel so unworthy of his providence!

    1. We have desperately needed tires for my car, and someone at my husbands work just happened to have used like new tires that just happened to fit my car that he just happened to want to give us!

    2. Our homeschool budget is slim this year, but God sees and provides. My sister in law who works at a private school just happened to have 2 Rosetta Stone licenses to give me for my 2 daughters who really want to learn French.

    3. I also needed a Science curriculum and had my heart set on Aplogia Astronomy but haven’t been able to afford it. A friend went to the CBD book sale this weekend and just happened to find a book for $5

    4. I had to take a PT job as many of you know since my husbands pay has been cut, and the job I have is 12 hour shifts, which are killing me. The supervisor came up to me and asked me if I wanted to switch to 2 eight hour shifts and get a 4 hour bonus each week. Huge pay raise and no more 12 hour shifts!

    Thank you Lord! Oh and by the way Lizzie my husband is a welder and has been for many years! I hope Lee likes it!

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