More True Confessions?

by adustyframe ~ November 17th, 2009

A few weeks ago, I shared some confessions with you and you shared some with me.

I thought it worked pretty well, so here are a few more.

1. I said I don’t grind my own wheat or make my own bread. However, I think it’s cool for those who do–I don’t have any sort of problem with women doing what’s best for their home.

2. I really do NOT understand people who get defensive about what others do. I’ve read all sorts of blog posts about people feeling inferior because they don’t do “Xyz” OH PUHLEAZE!

Be yourself and do what works for you. Don’t make everything about you, ok? If I share that I knit or make something around the house, or do something in homeschool, it’s not to make you feel badly.

I have never one time read a blog post and felt inferior because I don’t do what they do. I take what ideas I can use and leave the rest. Try it it works really well.

3. I spill coffee on my homeschool books every other week or so.

4. I dribble down the front of my shirt more often than that.

5. I really really really like coffee.

6. I’m ambivalent about my son getting so grown up.

7. I’m knitting my first pair of socks! I didn’t think I’d like it so much. I secretly am totally delighted when I knit something and it turns out looking good.  (Doesn’t take much to amuse me.)

8. I’m really annoyed at the State we live in for multiple reasons. The latest is only a nice little grab for money but….sigh! Someday this will be over (repeat to myself over and over and over and over….)

9. I found some sifting cat box liners and James thinks it’s fun to change the cat boxes now.

I feel like a mean mom for letting him enjoy the job so much. But something in me can’t tell him it’s a nasty chore and I let him live this lie.

10.  I really like football! Our team played a great game on Sunday. (OK I mean I REALLY like football.)

11. I want to win this more than I should. (Sigh the pride thing…)

12. Have you heard that parents shouldn’t teach their own children piano lessons? It’s a pretty common saying out there. I figured I teach him everything else and I don’t have money to pay a teacher right now. Well! “they” may be onto something. James had a 6 week break from lessons so Mom could learn to control her annoyance at the little student and his piano lesson antics.

Hopefully we’re back on track. Otherwise, I’m getting out the yellow pages pretty soon!

What about you?


9 Thoughts Shared to More True Confessions?

  1. MaggieRaye

    Wow! You’re amazing. I make my own cleaners but it’s not ultruistic… store bought products make me sick and I can’t afford them…I can’t “afford” to pay for lessons for anything, but we do from time to time, we just cut back on other things (like cleaners) … and I don’t drive, don’t own a car. Let’s see what else can I come up with . . . guess that’s it for this morning…

    Have a blessed day!

  2. celina

    post on a site , like craigslist..switch kids with another piano teacher…teach each other’s kids for FREE

    good luck…

  3. CM

    Havnt posted in awhile, but this will get some things off my chest….
    Sometimes I sleep in while my daughter gets up and watches tv.

    I do make my own bread, but have been known to force lots of carbs just to eat it up before it goes bad.

    Im homeschooling for preschool and using a cirriculum that comes complete with lesson plans. Sometimes I don’t read ahead on the plans and just wing it. Hey, its only preschool right???

    My daughter will do just about anything for sticker. This could be bad!!! I’ve gotten so sick of cleaning toothpaste off her counter every single day that I’ve promised a sticker if she can keep from smearing it everywhere.

  4. Barbara H.

    Amen to #2!!

    I don’t dribble much but I do spill crumbs somehow. Especially if I eat anything in the car — I get a little embarrassed at having to shake myself off when I get out of the car but before I go inside the store.

    I’ve had mixed emotions about my boys growing up, too. There are things I like about it but things I miss about their younger days.

    I think #9 is great!

    I just voted for you and you were in 2nd place at that time. That’s great!

  5. Saralyn

    Conform to the image of Christ not other ladies, right? So why is that so hard?

    My confession–I’m addicted to coffee creamer. We’re whole-foodies around here but I’ve gotta have my coffeemate! I’ve tried all sorts of good-for-you real food alternatives but nothing does it like the nasty, artificial flavored goop!

  6. Lisa

    About # 9….I predict the thrill will soon be gone and it’ll be back to a chore!! lol…. I know that feeling about having sons grow up very well….

  7. Melissa

    Well, speaking of coffee, I’m pretty addicted to the way caffeine gets my brain going for the day. I feel it’s hard to function without it. And I only drink espresso. And I’m picky about it. So that makes it a worse habit to have!

    Regarding your #12, I’m so glad my mom decided not to teach me piano herself, and instead hired a teacher. I truly learned that way- no slacking- AND also it made it pleasurable if we every played piano together for fun.

  8. Christina

    Well I rarely drink coffee as I was addictive to expresso in college so I try to avoid all coffee drinks. I switched addictions and drink tea like mad. Some days I drink a whole pot on my own.

    I always get then and than confused, as well as effect and affect.

    Deep down I want to tell people to stop being so nosy when they ask my kids why there aren’t in school while I am standing there, but instead I have decided to tell everyone it is a “parent/teacher conference day” and just start talking to myself!

    I loose my keys at least once a week even though I have a designated place to hang them.

    I almost always forgot to mail in rebate forms before the deadline.


  9. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

    I wanna win in the funniest category more than I should too (I’m dead LAST! OUCH! We can chalk it up to the FABU prizes!!!!), but what really prompted me to respond was my agreement of your #2! Wait~that doesn’t sound so good, does it…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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