Works of God

by adustyframe ~ November 23rd, 2009


What are you thankful for this week?

I mentioned in the middle of the week, that I was thankful for Lee’s pay raise and my new piano student.

I’m also thankful that I found stuff at the thrift store that we needed last week. A skirt and top for me, pants for Lee (welding is ROUGH on the clothes!), a shirt for James.

I’m thankful for our health and that God carries us through this even when things are difficult.

Yesterday in church, Pastor challenged us to think about our thankful list. Usually we’re thankful for our family, health, jobs, etc.

These are all wonderful things to be thankful for of course, but what if there isn’t a job or health or family? We’re still supposed to be thankful aren’t we?

Most importantly, we can be thankful for God’s gift of salvation, his sovereignty, his grace, his mercy, his love, and each attribute of God.  Even if the job isn’t there, or health is failing, God is there. We truly have so much to be thankful for.

What about you?


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  1. celina

    that i have not quit working out..even tough i am impatient with the results..that when me and my dd are at our wits end..i can see light and get good advice…that my husband is always so calm…and gentle…where as i am..well..not…

    i am SOOOO THANKFUL..that we have been in this house for a year tomorrow..after so many moves last year..this feels like a long time for us…and we love it here…

  2. Christina

    Today is dd2’s 1st spiritual birthday. I am so thankful that 3 of my 4 children have already accepted Jesus as their personal savior. I am thankful for my secret pal at church and the fact that she is praying for me. I am exceedingly thankful for a Pastor that not only preaches, but enforces God’s word. There are so many other things, but this week I am especially thankful for quality hand me downs.


  3. Christy

    I’m thankful for answered prayers and spiritual growing pains … there, I’ve said it. And I do mean it. Even if during the process I sometimes forget I asked for growth and that it really IS an answered prayer. 🙂 God is good ALL the time.

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