Wright On Time~Book Review

by adustyframe ~ November 24th, 2009


We received a book to review from Mama Buzz by Lisa M. Cottrell-Bently.

The book features a homeschooling family and their RV adventures.

From the back cover:

“First stop, Arizona! The Wrights’ homeschooling RV adventure starts with exploring a desert cave. Nadia can’t wait to find minerals and see rock formations.

Aidan wants to see bats. He finds something mysterious buried in the rock–what could it be? What is that glowing thing on the wall? Where are the voices coming from? What do you do with toilet paper in a cave? And just what is a stale egg mite anyway?”

The book teaches about caves, bats, and minerals that may be found in a cave.

You can learn more about Lisa and her books (book 2 is about Utah) at her site Wright on Time Books.

I enjoyed sharing a book about a homeschool family with James. We didn’t quite finish it–he had a hard time getting into it, but he did talk quite a bit about caves, so I think he learned more than he wanted to admit.


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