Tropical Traditions Oxygen Bleach Giveaway

by adustyframe ~ November 30th, 2009

Oxygen Bleach LGI received this Oxygen Bleach from Tropical Traditions to review and giveaway.

I really like it. I’m a little bit of a laundry nut. I get excited about things that get our clothes clean.

I’ve used it for about a week and am very pleased with the results.

For example, Lee’s clothes after welding are filthy. I washed them by themselves and used the amount of Oxygen bleach for a heavily soiled load. They came out great. They still look like work clothes but they weren’t filthy.

I also liked soaking my white load in this and then washing. Everything was bright and clean.

Thanks Tropical Traditions for letting me try this!

Now, onto the giveaway.

1. To enter you must subscribe to their newsletter. If you already do, please let me know. If you don’t then go here to subscribe.

2. Leave a comment telling me your favorite laundry product.

3. 1 Extra entry for tweeting this giveaway and one extra entry for blogging about this giveaway.

Happy Entering:)! The giveaway ends Friday night at 6 pm Pacific.


27 Thoughts Shared to Tropical Traditions Oxygen Bleach Giveaway

  1. Amanda

    I’m happily subscribed to TT.

  2. Amanda

    My favorite laundry product is clean laundry! LOL! seriously tho is probably stain remover!

  3. Amanda

    I tweeted:

  4. Amanda

    I blogged it too:

  5. Linda Reddoch

    I just subscribed to TT newsletter!
    I absolutely LOVE bleach to clean with…along with Fabuloso…the lavendar kind.

  6. Lisa

    I subscribed to Tropical Traditions~!

  7. Lisa

    My favorite laundry product is the Bounce Dryer Bar. I love anything that simplifies my life! (and it makes my laundry smell good too!)

  8. tami aka agodlyhomemaker

    i sub to TT’S NEWSLETTER

  9. tami aka agodlyhomemaker

    fav laundry product- downy fabric softner in lavendar.

  10. tami aka agodlyhomemaker


  11. tami aka agodlyhomemaker

    i blogged

  12. Lois Shores

    I already subscribe

  13. Lois Shores

    I blogged

  14. Melissa W.

    I subscribe to the Tropical Traditions newsletter

  15. Melissa W.

    Right now, I’m searching for a good laundry product. I recently made my own out of washing soda, bar soap and borax. It works well but isn’t “green”. I also just received Soap Nuts, so I’m going to try that for laundry soon.

  16. Melissa W.


  17. Pogonia

    I subscribe to TT newsletter.

  18. Pogonia

    I love their coconut oil!

  19. Jennifer Alexander

    I subscribed to TT newsletter and am anxious to try your products…especially the Coconut Oil! Also the skin products.

  20. Kerrie G

    I subscribed to their newsletter

  21. Kerrie G

    I love dryer sheets, they make the whole house smell good!

  22. Darlene


    I am already subbed to the TT newsletter 🙂

    And my fave laundry product is the new Tide stain remover add ins….But I would love a chance to try this stuff, too 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. melissa mc

    i already subscribe to the TT newsletter — thank you for the chance!

  24. melissa mc

    i like adding some baking soda to my laundry load to help remove dirt and stains!

  25. Mary R.

    I am enjoying my subscription to the Tropical Traditions newsletter.

    When I need a good whitener to my laundry, I add food-grade H2O2. It is a little costly but very good!

  26. Catherine

    I use Ecos for laundry and love that it is so “clean” and “green”.
    I also love that I can buy so afforadably at Costco.I already subscribe to TT!!

  27. Carolyn W

    I’ve bought the TT laundry products many times in the past-and them just fell out of buying them.I need a kickstart to get back with using their products-like something FREE :)!

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