I love that boy!

by adustyframe ~ December 1st, 2009

Yesterday, we dragged the Christmas decorations upstairs. James put the tree together and plugged in all the lights.

We still haven’t put any decorations on it, but the lights are pretty.

I sat up  my snowmen collection on the piano and started putting things around the house and putting the fall things away.

Last night, he said, “Mom, do you want me to make hot cocoa and we can watch Christmas shows?”

Of course I did! He stirred up hot cocoa in the Christmas mugs and topped it with cool whip. Then we watched a dvd of 1950’s TV Christmas episodes.

He’s into old shows and I think that’s really sweet. He likes, Leave it to Beaver, Make Room for Daddy, Ozzie and Harriet and others. I love listening to him chuckle over these old shows. I think he’s a really cool kid.


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  1. TransitionGirl

    he’s such a gem!!

  2. Pam

    Precious…precious….sweet innocence…..
    God Bless, Pam, South Bend

  3. Sharon

    he is a cool kid! We actually own the first two seasons of Leave it to Beaver. And our FAVORITE is the The Waltons…. LOVE THEM!

    here’s proof…!


  4. theprincessofquitealot

    How fun!

  5. celina

    that’s cool, i love seeing that side of my son…the caretaker emerge…

    i love the idea of that dvd…that’s cool, i’ve never seen that…

    merry xmas to you and yours…

  6. Janet

    What a sweetheart! Don’t you think that God gives us a closeness with our children due to our hard situations? I really believe that’s what God did for my girls and I.

    I love your blog redesign! I am wanting to do mine very soon.


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