Works of God

by adustyframe ~ December 6th, 2009


1. Our immune systems are a blessing to me. I’m currently waiting for mine to kick in! I came down with chills, aches, fever, and sore throat instantly about 7:30 tonight! Weird.

I’ve doctored myself up with lots of stuff and am hoping I’m alive on Monday morning!

2. We were able to get an old high mileage Nissan Sentra this weekend. We got a very small loan for it from bad credit online loans. It’s a nice dependable car and gets great gas mileage.

The mechanic of this auto lot, went with Lee to look at our other car. He and Lee found out exactly what is the matter and Lee is working up his courage to work on it this weekend.

3. Lee is painting my bathroom. I’ve been waiting years for this. I could have done it before, but I literally had no gumption to tackle it.

I chose browns and I think I’ll accent with cream–we’ll see. It will take awhile before I get it just how I want it but it’s going to be so nice to have it painted.

Although, I am a bit sad that James bath crayon drawing on the wall will be gone!  It’s been there for many years!

4. My Father in law gave me some money tonight for Christmas.

What about you?


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  1. Pam

    Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well….I had the same thing 2 weeks ago….thankfully it left as quickly as it came..hope yours does also.
    We had a game night at our house Sat, night…..3 generations…
    including extended family….we had sooooo many laughs….it was wonderful…..God Bless, Pam, South Bend

  2. celina

    that we are in a position to have too many things under the tree..

    that dh made his trip to virginia safely…even though we miss him, I hope he does well and impresses..

    even though my kids woke up grumpy and sad cause dh was gone, i kept them home and we’ve had a great day..

    for my library which provides free movies to borrow…and of course soo many books..

    for friends (internet and real life alike) who show me a good example to strive for

    that even though i miss my mom greatly (died in 07) i remember her fondly and am pleased to have had those moments with her..

    that my kids remember her and share in my grief…she lives on with them…

    that even though we havent sold the car…we are o.k. and ever the optimists…(i call it…some call it blind but we carry on..and HE has never let us down..)

  3. Sharon

    Praise God for the blessings that remind us of HIS love. And I hope you’re feeling better!

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