Timberdoodle Presidents Brain Box~Review

by adustyframe ~ December 14th, 2009


I received the opportunity from Mama Buzz to review a brain box from Timberdoodle, and of course I jumped at the chance. We received a Brain Box from Timberdoodle in order to do this review.

James is fascinated by the Presidents, so choosing the Presidents box was a no-“brainer” for us.

The Presidents brain box is for children ages 8+ and sells for $17.00.

James and I were impressed by the stickers included in the order. I was impressed by the catalog!

As soon as we got it we had to try it. We opened it up and read the instructions–they are fairly easy.

To play, you choose a card from the box and look at the pictures and facts on the front of the card for 10 seconds. When the time is up, the player rolls a dice to determine which question he has to answer.

The back of the card has 6 different questions about that particular President. It was challenging for both James and I but we did pretty well.

We kept saying, “Ok 1 more card each and we’ll be done.” but we had difficulty stopping.

The more we play the more we’ll learn I’m certain and Timberdoodle is right. If you can learn while playing a game it’s so much better.

The cards are sturdy and nicely made. The graphics and facts are interesting.

The only picky thing that James and I both disliked is that some of the questions had little to do with the President.

For example on Jimmy Carter’s one of the questions was “How many peanuts were on the front of the card?” That seems like a waste of a question to me. I’d prefer something like, “What crop did Jimmy Carter grow?” Several of the cards had these type of questions which bothered us slightly. Other than that, I give it two thumbs up.

Timberdoodle offers other hands on games that I’m excited to look through. I’m sure we’ll be choosing one or more of these in the future.


Timberdoodle also tucked in a Hot Rocket. James confiscated it quickly and began shooting it all over the house.

The Hot Rocket is for ages 6+ and retails for $1.95.

Timberdoodle is offering my readers a free Hot Rocket with their order by 12/21/09. Use this code


Add the rocket and code to your order.


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  1. Carol

    We learned about Timberdoodle when we homeschooled. I loved their catalog, too. They had some unique things to offer. I also liked that they always included some sort of gift with the order. I remember we got a book one time. I have three boys, and they would have loved that rocket! It looks like a lot of fun! 🙂 Too bad that James saw the rocket – it looks like the perfect stocking stuffer. Oh, you make me wish my kids were young enough to homeschool again, just so I could shop Timberdoodle!

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