Tears at the Talent Show~repost from Christmas 2008

by adustyframe ~ December 16th, 2009

Last Friday was a big day in our family. I knew that Lee’s parole officer was taking him in at least for the weekend and most likely for longer.

I was tired and emotional and wished I could just ignore the day. It was one of my classic, “I’m so tired I’m about to shut down” days.

Thankfully, we had already planned to attend the area’s homeschool group. It was a Christmas talent show. Having something to do on those sorts of days really helps me.

James and I settled in. He chose not to share his talents this time. He’s like his mother and prefers to watch rather than be in the limelight.

The songs ranged from sweet to “good for them for trying” to really well done.

At one point, a  family gave a presentation. The mom and daughter sat at the piano playing a duet.The dad stood next to the piano holding the baby and the little boy in his suit and tie stood next to daddy. They began to sing and it was just SO sweet. The baby kept leaning over patting her brother on the head and playing with his hair. The little boy’s tie was crooked and he sang his little heart out.

Tears gathered in my eyes and began to roll down my cheeks. I was watching my dream.

It was my dream to have a family full of  little ones and the ability for us all to be in one place sharing our talents together.

Perhaps God will allow that someday and perhaps he won’t. As I write this, I have no way of knowing how things will unfold for us in the next days and months.

Maybe God will give me a larger family. Maybe someday we can all be together serving in some way. But maybe not. I have to keep working on being content with where God has me now.

As the tears rolled down my cheeks, I felt stupid for crying at Away in a Manger and hoped that no one noticed me. But I was struck with the need to tell you this.

Be thankful for what you have.

If you have a husband and children, be thankful. Be thankful you can all be in the same place enjoying one another.

I heard a woman once say she was leaving her husband because he didn’t help around the house. She said he called her “Princess” and was willing to do anything to keep her but she was just so upset that he didn’t help more around the house.

Ladies, please don’t let that be you. While I wiped away the tears on Friday, I felt like saying, “They don’t even know what they have!”

Some of you do, I know that! But sometimes wives get so wrapped up in the things that aren’t perfect that they overlook the treasures in their homes.

I know that husbands fail sometimes and that there are legitimate things that need work.

I just want to challenge you tonight to be thankful and to understand the wonderful treasure you have.


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  1. Prairie Rose

    I know those thoughts. I see those families. And I miss those dreams that I know will never come true for me.

    I guess we just have to hold on to the thought that though it seems impossible to us right now, God has something even better than that for us.

    Until then, I think a few tears are okay.

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