Catching Up

by adustyframe ~ December 17th, 2009

James and I spent the morning putting the kitchen and bathroom back in order.

The house looks like mom has been sick for a week!

It felt nice to get things organized and put away.

My bathroom is looking so nice. I’m so thankful that Lee painted it for me. It makes such a huge difference. I’m looking for a few little things to hang on the wall and I need to find a towel hanger and a handle for the cupboard door. I’m also trying to find what I’d like to do for the curtain and I want to make a skirt for the sink.

Tomorrow the living room and dining room have to be cleaned up! Being sick for a week isn’t good for keeping the house in order.

I’m feeling quite a bit better, but I am still very very tired! As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to go take a tiny nap right now!


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  1. Miss Rachel

    I hope you get all you need to done, I’ll be praying that Yahweh will give you strength to accomplish all you need to! 🙂 I’m glad you are well again. being sick is really no fun. I hate, as I can’t do anything around the house. Being sick for a week makes me want to do dishes again… we need a little work in our lives, to keep us active. LOL glad you’re well.

    many blessings and hugs!

    Thank you!

  2. Barbara H.

    I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery. It feels good to get things in order again. But don’t overdo!

    Thanks! I’m trying not to overdo.

  3. Carol

    All I have to say is “SO”. SO glad that you both are well. SO glad that you have such a fine helper like James. SO glad for the progress you’ve made putting the house back together. SO glad that Lee was able to bless you by painting the bathroom for you. SO glad that you got to have something that you’ve waited for such a long time. Do we get to see a picture of the finished room?BYW, don’t be afraid to take a nap whenever needed. It sounds like you were really wiped out this time, and it will take a bit of time to recover completely.

    Thanks:)! I’ve heard that it’s taking a solid 2 weeks so that will be Sunday! I hope they’re right because I’m done with this!

  4. MamaHen

    So glad you are feeling better too! I agree with Carol. Take breaks and naps. You sure don’t want to have a rebound sickness on Christmas. I sound like a mom, don’t I?

    Are you going to show up before and after pics of the bathroom? Or at least after pics? pretty please.

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