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by adustyframe ~ December 18th, 2009


James and I usually choose 1 or 2 treats to make at Christmas. I try to not go overboard, because I don’t need them!

This year we’re making a gingerbread house from a kit and we’re going to try peanut brittle. I’m going to use this recipe from Katie Brown’s workshop.

I enjoyed the thoughts in this article about having children.

Chrysalis shared 13 Christmas gifts that don’t cost anything.

I’m going to make something similar to this for my new bathroom–just on a smaller scale. Isn’t it cool?

**I will show you photos of the bathroom when I get the curtains and sink skirt done ok?**

The Common Room has some great ideas for homemade gifts for men.

Isn’t this knit elephant so cute? I need to knit it for my soon to be born nephew I think!


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  1. e-Mom

    Thanks for the linky love! Have a blessed Christmas. :~D

  2. Laura

    Hi Lizzie!

    Although our circumstances are a bit different, I think we would find that we have much in common. I am a single homeschooling mother of 3 daughters. My husband abandoned us after our third daughter was born. We have never seen or heard from him again. BUT GOD…..He’s so good and faithful! He’s an amazing husband/provider and father to my girls. We are soooo blessed!

    We can be found at:

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!


    Did you try this yet for your bathroom?

    SERIOUSLY, WAY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do you have a family thing you could use?

    I think I LOVE this idea!

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