Works of God

by adustyframe ~ December 21st, 2009

works-of-godWhat has God done for you this week? Anything?

I’m thankful for a return to health! I’m still a bit tired and once in awhile my throat acts up, but I’m just about all better and sooooooo happy about that.

That was a long miserable illness!

I’m thankful that James did well in the Christmas program last night. It always blesses me to hear the children singing their heart out. They’re so joyful. I always think that God surely smiles when he hears children singing praises to Him.

I’m thankful for Lee’s job.

I’m thankful for friends and family.

I’m thankful for Christ’s birth every day, but of course I’m thinking more about it this week. I don’t think we can comprehend the sacrifice He made. Who would want to trade heaven for this tired sinful world?

I’m thankful that He loved each of us so much that He put aside His rightful place and came to die for our sins.

What about you?


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  1. Christina

    I told our kids that this Christmas would be extremely lean. I gave them each a sheet with scripture about Christ’s birth and ask them to write out a need and a want. Their responses blessed me beyond measure. My youngest said she wanted gf food for me. My 2nd youngest said she wanted seeds for the garden to plant more food. My second oldest said she didn’t want anything and my oldest wanted a weed puller so he could help with yard work in the spring.

    We were then blessed by a stranger that gave us a gift card to get Christmas gifts for our children.

  2. Sally

    I am so thankful that there were people who told me about Jesus and how much He loved me. That I could know Him personally and not just about Him. I praise God for His shed blood that cleansed my sins. He is indeed an AWESOME God.

    This week He moved someone, we will never know who to send us five twenty dollar bills in the mail wrapped in a little note that said “God BLESS you-From Friends.”

    I thank Him for succesful surgery this past Wednesdaay.


    God gave us a Pastor wise beyond his years; a loving, supportive church and friends to help us through.

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