Prison Ministry at Christmas

by adustyframe ~ December 22nd, 2009

Robin at Pensieve shared her thoughts after ministering at a prison during Christmas.

I wanted to point you to her posts again. I appreciated her thoughts.

Reality Check part 1

part 2

part 3


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  1. Robin ~ PENSIEVE

    Hey friend,

    I **noticed** you had sent some of your readers my way, and I just had to pop over and share two things:

    1) Thank you; I loved writing this series and SO appreciate you introducing it to a few more friends.

    2) We weren’t able to attend the dinner this year; my husband had to work when they did it. I honestly missed this privilege…it’s rare to have a glimpse into this life.

    Merry Christmas……and so thankful you tell your story with beauty and grace :).

  2. Lona

    Wow. Thanks for posting the link…

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