Lee’s Boss

by adustyframe ~ December 23rd, 2009

Lee’s job has been going well. At first his boss favored him and treated him nicer than the other guys. That quickly wore off.
Lee said his boss’ moods swing wildly. He’s all smiles, then he’s yelling and furious and then back to Mr. Nice Guy.

Lee pretty much ignores his moods and goes about his business. Or he tells him to knock it off.

The other day, the boss asked Lee to give an employee a ride home. Lee said that was fine, but he had to get into town by 4 to meet with Pastor.
His boss went crazy. He yelled and screamed at Lee calling him a loser and an idiot among other things.
He spent the afternoon berating Lee for wanting to talk with Pastor.

You may remember the company is owned by a Christian man; however, not all the employees are Christians. Obviously Lee’s direct boss is not one.

Finally, Lee got in his face and told him to knock it off.

I prayed that night and the next day while Lee worked that the boss wouldn’t start on the issue again and that Lee would be calm.
When I spoke with him at night, I asked about it and Lee said that the boss came and apologized and said he was wrong.

It does take a big man to admit wrong, so at least the boss is not a complete jerk!

I thought that his apology was a very interesting answer to prayer. I prayed for the taunting to stop, but God arranged for an apology.

We are so thankful for his job! Now, we just have to pray for the boss to settle down.


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  1. Joy

    It’s neat when God goes beyond what we ask or think!!!
    I’m so thankful that Lee’s job is going well though.

  2. TransitionGirl

    Popping by from China vacation. Glad that the Lord is giving Lee a good place to work and the patience/maturity to deal with stuff at work 🙂

    btw, got some postcards from Beijing and Xi’an for James. Hopes he likes them! will send them along with my US friend to send to u from the States. 🙂

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