THIS is why I read Money Saving Mom

by adustyframe ~ December 30th, 2009

Well, lots of reasons. I read her blogs before she started Money Saving Mom so I just followed her.

She’s been a behind the scenes encourager to me for a long time and I just appreciate how sweet she is.

I totally love all the deals and coupons she posts and here’s the purpose of this post.

In early Nov. I read this post and decided to try it out. Completing the offer was very quick and easy.

A couple weeks ago, I received my saving coupon for completing the deal.

Then I went to the website and found some arrangements that were offered with free shipping.

So, 3 days before Christmas, I received this lovely bouquet of 30 tulips for exactly $0.00!


If you don’t check out Crystal’s blog on a pretty regular basis you’re missing out on a lot!


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