The big reveal

by adustyframe ~ December 31st, 2009

Ta da—I finally got the photos edited.

There are a ton. I couldn’t get one good photo of the whole room so I just went around taking shots of everything.

For those of you who have had the privilege of using my old ugly bathroom, you wouldn’t recognize the place.

I don’t have any good before photos for two reasons.

1. It was really ugly.

2. Who takes photos of the bathroom anyway?

The bathroom never got fixed up after we purchased the house. The other rooms, were slowly being redone before Lee “went away”, but the bathroom has been it’s poor ugly self for a long while.

The outlet didn’t work. The heat vent in the floor was really cheap and pieces cracked off anytime it got stepped on. (It’s right by the tub.) We had a little work done on the house for lead abatement when we bought it and the contractors agreed to paint the bathroom. Instead they slapped one coat above the tub on the drywall they replaced and that was it.

So that’s the peeling green you see here.(Very bad photo–none of my before photos turned out well.)


The bathroom also housed a 3 foot high bath crayon drawing that James drew on the wall when he was 3. Personally, I thought it was kind of cute, but James’ friend told me yesterday that he thought it was disturbing! (ha ha–kids!)

Last summer, my sister told me the bathroom better be next on the fixing up list and so I started thinking about what I’d like to do.

So, yes, it was really ugly, but you know when you have something that you see everyday, you stop looking at the ugly. It was clean at least.

But now it’s gorgeous! (In my opinion.)

I used some things I already had and the things we bought were on sale or clearance or I used Christmas money and gift certificates.

I’m very pleased with the end result. We only have a little touch up and a handle to put on the closet door then we’re done. Lee plans to build me a cabinet to hang over the toilet but we can do that whenever.

I took photos at all different times of day so a few look “off” Sorry about that.

Also, I sized them for the web, but if so many photos makes a mess of your computer let me know and I can put them in 2 posts rather than one. (yikes! I can see a few things that need to be cleaned in these photos–ignore please!)

So, are you chanting? (Instead of “move that bus” how ’bout “move that mouse” ?)

From the door–


Behind the door–James helped me assemble this shelf.


Lee’s dad gave me this old scale. I like the way it looks and it adds a touch of vintage to my room. I can’t be all modern and posh!


Someone told me I chose brown because it’s the in color. Actually I’m not so trendy. I just wanted a neutral that would go with my sage and violet towels. However, when I got the room together, I don’t really like the look of the sage and violet with the brown, but it’s fine for now. When I need new towels, I’ll just replace them with brown and cream towels.


I sprung for the pretty shower curtain rod. I’m glad I did. It looks so nice.


Lee put up a new light fixture. It matches the kitchen fixture. We bought them as a set of 2 for about $10 on clearance 6 years ago! The kitchen one has been up but the bathroom fixture sat around waiting for Lee to get home. It replaced a really ugly (50’s?) fixture.bath-web-6

I have the same light switch plates and outlet covers in the whole house. I bought them from a wholesale catalog years ago when I had the store.

bath-web-19Since I bought the “brushed bronze” shower curtain I found similar type fixtures for the towel and TP holder. One cool thing about redoing is getting rid of the uglies! The TP holder we had was  set into the wall and it was so old and corroded. Lee put a piece of drywall in the wall to cover that up and we put the TP holder on the other side of the toilet where it makes more sense.

We also put the towel holder in a spot that works better. (SO nice to have things like I want them!)



I made window “mistreatments”. I found the idea at the Nester’s blog.

I finally (!!) found brown toile on sale. All I did was tack the fabric up with upholstery tacs. I folded light pleats across the top. Then believe it or not, I hot glued the hem! James thought that was very cool. My mom thinks I’m crazy but it’s ok–I like the way it turned out.

I tied it back with an iridescent brown ribbon and added a tassel that my friend Gigi gave me last year. I never knew what to do with it because I didn’t have anything brown in my house. It’s perfect now.

You can see a good shot of the whole treatment in the first photo I posted from the doorway.






I made this with scrapbook papers, Scrabble tiles, and Mod Podge. When Lee puts the cabinet up, I’ll find a different spot for it.


This one, I found at the thrift for $1.50 and put the papers on top to change the look.


I had this before but moved it into the bathroom to add a little purple/green accent. I like the brown ribbon.




I am going to “mistreat” the sink skirt too. I bought a matching shower curtain and I’m going to tack it around the cabinet. Hopefully it looks good.


I didn’t plan to do all the words, but it just happened. I decided they definitely work.

What do you think about my new little place?


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  1. theprincessofquitealot

    I LOVE IT!!!! Looks great…..and I just wanted to say you only THINK your replacement towels won’t be sage and lavender……haha:)

  2. Josephine Lirette

    WOW Lizzie, You have been one busy lady. You did and awesome job. It really looks great.

  3. Cell Chic

    You did a wonderful job! I love this color palette – it’s so soothing.

  4. Ame




  5. Sally

    Wow that is BEAUTIFUL!!! Terrific change. Really, really, really like it.

  6. KLow

    This is beautiful! We are hoping to do some bathroom remodels soon, and this is definitely added inspiration. TFS! Happy New Year!

  7. Pam

    What a great job!!! Beautiful. You and Lee made a good
    decorating team!! You might want to try
    using elastic or velcro for you sink skirt. It
    makes it easy to take it off and wash it.

  8. Barbara H.

    That IS gorgeous! Wonderful! I’m so happy for you!

  9. Melissa

    Oh, it looks wonderful! It must feel great to get it done. I have some rooms to paint here that need some TLC. Thanks for inspiring me! Happy New Year!

  10. Chel

    It’s gorgeous!

  11. MamaHen

    This looks terrific Lizzy! I love the brown toile mistreatment. Both of you did good.

  12. Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads

    It’s absolutely beautiful! Great job!

  13. Southern Belle

    Looks lovely

  14. Katherine

    It looks great! I love the toile and the scale! 😉

  15. Saralyn

    I LOVE it! You’ve inspired me to do something with my late 70’s bathroom. I’ve let it be for 8 years figuring eventually we’d have to tear the thing out, but seeing that won’t happen for a LONG time, I’m gonna try spiffing it up Lizzy style. Thanks for the encouragement!

  16. leftcoastonlooker


  17. Laura

    Wow! It looks beautiful!! You’ve inspired me to finish mine. I started and then….life happened! lol Now it’s time to finish. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy New Year!

  18. Lisa

    Looks really nice! Great work!

  19. k

    It looks beautiful Lizzie! My bathroom is a similar color, but i’ve done no other decorating yet – in a catalog I saw towels in a bathroom this color in chocolate, cream and light blue – they looked gorgeous, but I can’t justify buying new ones when my old white and cranberry ones are still good….. it’s a cool color combo, though!

    The pale blue may be a good accent. I’ll have to get some swatches and play around a bit.

  20. melissa

    This looks so nice! I love that window treatment and the vintage-style touches you added. Lovely colors.

  21. Lona

    Wow, Lizzie! I got busy before and during Christmas and haven’t read your blog for a while. You’ve been virtuously busy! I love the brown (even though I’m not big into trends, either). Great job on using what you have and what you can afford (isn’t that satisfying in a special way?)…

  22. Joy

    Job well done!!! Really like the colors.

  23. Carrie

    Very nice! I should do something to decorate my bathroom.

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