Knitting Behind Bars

by adustyframe ~ January 7th, 2010

hat (this hat was knit by me–I just used it for a knitting photo)

Last year I shared a quote I read in a knitting book. An article talked about knitting in prison and this made me smile.

Skip LeBarge supervises inmates who make knit and crochet animals.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ until a guy doing 800 years comes up to you all proud and burstin’ because he just crocheted his first cow.”

Yesterday, on Ravelry, I read about another such program and today I used Swagbucks to see if there were any other interesting links about it.

Article I read on Ravelry.

Interweave Knits shared an article and photos–the quote I used above is in this article so it may be the same one in the book I read.

Remember Martha’s prison poncho? It was knit for her by another inmate using yarn purchased at the commissary.

If you have yarn to get rid of, call a prison or jail near you. They may take donations of yarn.

I know that knitting truly helped me to relieve stress while Lee was incarcerated. It stand to reason that it can help those on the inside relieve stress too.  I think it’s wonderful that they donate their work to charities.


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  1. Lona

    Knitting (and crocheting) are therapy. They also give a feeling of accomplishment. No matter how many little crocheted dishcloths I’ve made, I always get a small sense of satisfaction when I’ve finished another one.

    G’day to you…

    definitely:) me too!

  2. Sally

    I agree knitting is therapy. I love knitting and completing a project and then giving it away. I recently finished a scraf for my neighbor lady. She loved it.

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