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by adustyframe ~ February 12th, 2010

linksThese are way cool! I’m going to get Lee busy on this project. Mason Jar dispensers. This entire blog is beautiful.

Ideas for old sweaters

Lots of ideas at Flea Market Style

The sweetest story–a group of homeless people collect $14.64 for Haiti.

Cool flowers to make from plastic bottles

This looks yummy–not on my healthy eating plan but yummy! Candy Pizza

I need way more entries on this giveaway–moisturizing creme.

I like this post on Barbara’s blog. Her thoughts on Valentines day. At this time of year I hear a lot of grumbling about the day. Then I hear lots of put downs and insinuations that if you really loved your family you wouldn’t need a special day to tell them so. (Insert eye rolls).

I like the way Barbara verbalizes what I was thinking.

Valentines day has always been a fun day since my childhood. My mom hid Valentines all over the house for us. Dad came home with little boxes of chocolates for each of us and sometimes a card that said, “Love, Dad”.

James and I usually have a little Valentine scavenger hunt or drink from our red cup and eat off the heart plate.

Then of course there’s the marriage proposal I received on Valentines Day!

My parents loved me all year. I love my son and husband all year. But we still enjoy some Valentine day fun and I’m not letting my enjoyment be spoiled by the grumbles.

Here’s another great article with similar thoughts.



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  1. Barbara H.

    Thanks for the link!

    I love the ideas with the sweaters (well, except the one covering a chair!) I have one with a really pretty weave that is beyond repair (for me, anyway), but I hate to throw it away.

  2. Stephanie Bateman

    Thanks for the great links to some amazing projects! Have a blessed day.