Our Time Away

by adustyframe ~ February 15th, 2010

Our time away was very nice and cheap!

We rested a lot. We had planned a few outings, but opted to take it easy instead. Lee goes to work so early and he was tired.

Also, even though we don’t always talk about it or think about it, we live in a constant state of stress. This arrangement is so unnatural and not conducive to a healthy marriage–or healthy people!

So, rest it was.

We did go to one of my favorite churches on Sunday  morning so that was a highlight too!

Here’s a funny.

We stopped and bought a toothbrush for Lee, but it didn’t end up in our bag from the store. At the hotel I asked if they had any toothbrushes.

The lady at the counter said they had some free toothbrushes. Great price right? She slid two little toothbrushes across the counter and my dear husband blurted out,

“Hey! These are the same toothbrushes you get in prison.”

I didn’t see the lady’s eyes, but she recovered nicely, she just said, “Hey we all have our issues.” and sort of smiled.

Oh well, it IS a part of our life and apparently they were the exact same toothbrushes. Lee prided himself on stopping before he described the toothbrushes they give you in solitary.

He’s a funny man.


4 Thoughts Shared to Our Time Away

  1. Pam

    That was toooooo funny!!!

  2. Ame

    roflol! gotta love him 🙂

  3. Jacque

    Oh my goodness. That is funny.

    (((HUGS))) Sister~

  4. Robin in New Jersey

    I am so glad you had a good time. Yes, stress is part of my daily life also, and it can make you very ti red. 🙁 My dr. told me today that I really need to get more rest and I really need to walk and exercise! But then, I already knew that!