Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ February 16th, 2010

Thank you for joining me for another edition of Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday.

Last week, I stayed on my plan.

I exercised 3 times. I’m very happy about that and soon I need to make it a goal to exercise more often, but I want to wait until it’s a good habit before I push myself to do more.

I behaved while we were away. I did eat a few onion rings, but I still had extra points to use so that was alright.

I did not do very well going to bed on time. In fact, most nights I stayed up later than midnight although it wasn’t as last as 2.

I drink my water everyday. Thankfully, I never have a problem getting that in. I’m also drinking ginger tea (Thanks Christy for the idea.)

I weighed this morning and are you ready for this?

I gained 2.8 lbs!

I really cannot blame the onion rings for that one. I don’t know what to blame.

This is usually the time I say, “OK! That’s it I’m done.”

However, I can’t afford to quit, so I’m going to buckle down this week and hopefully see some sort of decent movement next week? (If I keep saying that it may happen right?)

Here are my goals for this week.

1. Stay on plan

2. Exercise 3 times

3. Go to bed before midnight. I think I need to wait on the 11:30 because that just didn’t happen.

4. Concentrate on feeling healthy and don’t obsess over if I’m gaining or losing.

I DO feel good. I feel like my clothes are fitting better. In general I do feel like I’m making positive steps to better my health. So, I just need to hang on and not lose my motivation.

I did tell you that losing weight is difficult for me right? One of my biggest problems in the past has been losing my motivation because I’m doing everything right and nothing is happening. I heard that if I work out with the most effective creatine monohydrate that it would be a little easier at first.

This morning, I thought about having to post this and thought, “Who’s dumb idea was this blog series anyway?”

Thanks for helping me stay motivated. Now, if I can just get my body to participate, I’ll be on a roll.


9 Thoughts Shared to Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday

  1. Liz

    Remember muscle weighs more than fat and sometimes you may notice a difference in clothes more so than in the scale. Keep going, you will see results!

  2. Jen B

    Keep at it! Don’t get discouraged. My friend and I are doing a Biggest Loser type of challenge between the two of us. The first challenge is 12 weeks. She lives in another state that I do, but we’ll be getting together at the end of the challenge. The prize? The loser pays the winner $1 per total pound weight loss between the two. So if I lose 10 and she loses 15 I have to pay her $25. Maybe you should start having people link up and post their weight goals and challenges. I would link up. I think many women struggle with this. I know there are many sites out there, but I don’t like the big ones. Anyway I said all that to say maybe you should set a goal of 1 pound per week in 10 weeks. Goals are so important, I never realized it. I always just wanted to lose weight, but the challege of a deadline is so motivating.

  3. Pam

    I have almost tripled my daily excerise time….written down
    what I have eaten AND I gained 2 pounds…..I know that
    muscle weighs more than fat but COME ON!!!! I’m NOT
    quitting but I am disapointed!!!

    Thanks, Pam! We can be in the same disappointed boat;)

  4. Sally

    Sometimes a weight gain can just be a matter of water build up. Glad to hear clothes are fitting better. This week my clothes seem to fit better also. I finally registered a loss. It was only two pounds, but I will take it as I was just staying the same. Will be praying each of us will stay on track and each report some weight off next week.

  5. Cindy

    I know thats so discouraging but you can keep it up. My husband and I have done really well. We’ve had some bad weeks, but overall we’ve seen significant losses. Im like you. One mishap and Im ready to quit. But I’ve stuck with it and just tried harder. I’ve got a little more to go. Thanks for these tuesday posts. They encourage me to do better.

    Thank you everyone!!

  6. Kerri

    I know WW wants you to weigh once a week, but that can be very discouraging for the reason you mentioned today.

    You might consider weighing each morning, then averaging those weights at the end of the week.

    I did that last time I was dieting and it really helped. Your weight can vary so much just depending on how much salt you had the day before, whether you had caffeine, etc. It was surprising to see that some mornings I would have lost maybe 3 pounds, only to gain it back in 24 hours. But at the end of the week, my average would end up showing a slight loss.

    I’ve never heard that idea. Maybe I”ll try it.

  7. Miss Ra'chel

    Hello –
    It would seem very discouraging to me to find that I gained weight, but then that is the time to reevaluate what’s going on. 🙂

    Coconut oil helps with weight loss – so I would encourage you to eat it in anything and everything you could – baking, cooking, ect.

    Could you post a typical menu for a one week period? I’d like to see it. 🙂


    Thanks:) I think the evaluating is that I need to watch the salt;0!. I do keep track of everything I eat, but I don’t have time to post it all here:) Thanks for asking though.

  8. amy

    You can do it!! I know the discouraging feeling of weight gain when I really think I’ve been eating and exercising well. GRRR!! I think I posted this before but I’ve seen some amazing results with a low GI diet. It’s super healthy and there’s a lot of science to back it up. Email me if you want more info.

  9. Krakoviana

    This is my first time to comment, although I’ve read here and prayed for you often (I think I first came from The Common Room.). I just wanted to encourage you in your weight loss/exercise efforts with some information.

    When you are burning fat, your bodies (temporarily) fills the empty fat cells with water. Sometime it replaces with equal weight (no change on the scale); sometimes it replaces with equal volume, and since water weighs more than fat–the scale goes up! But it is a temporary situation, and drinking your water will assist your bodies in flushing out the cells, and you will see the reward (lower numbers) fairly soon if you don’t quit.

    Also, when you exercise, if you push your muscles to the point that you damage them (which is the point, so they will rebuild and be stronger), your body will retain some extra water to assist in the healing. That’s what I think your higher numbers are–just water, not real weight gain.

    Hang in there–best wishes.

    ooo! Thank you for the information. That makes sense. I always drink tons of water–even when I’m not on a diet. Hopefully, I’ll see a difference this week!