Little House Nature Study

by adustyframe ~ February 17th, 2010

While we were reading By The Shores of Silver Lake last week, I found a passage describing things the girls found on the prairie.

Since we’re in a bit of a deficit with our nature journal entries, I thought why not add some of these things.

Even though we’re not there to examine them and touch them, we can still learn about them and include them in our journal.

This taught us about a couple prairie plants as well as brought the scene from the book to life a little better.

While the girls were exploring the prairie, they picked red tiger lilies and purple buffalo beans for Ma.

I looked up images of red tiger lilies and we drew it in our journal. James remembered lilies in his friend’s backyard and we agreed they were similar.

We added the Latin name as well– lilum philadelphicum.

Purple Buffalo Beans were a little more difficult to draw but we did our best. The Latin name I think I found for them is astrgalus crassicarpus.

I don’t usually include copywork in the journal, but this sentence from the book fit so well that we added it.

“Oh what a wild, beautiful prairie! Mary sighed with happiness.”


3 Thoughts Shared to Little House Nature Study

  1. Lisa

    Did you ever look at Barb’s Handbook of Nature blog? or Sparrow’s Nest?? They help TONS with nature study!

    Yes, I did. It’s a matter of me making it a habit. Also we do things that aren’t really “Drawable”. This is nature study too–just different:)

  2. Leanne Branch

    Thanks for the great information. Your site is beautiful!


  3. Janet

    Oh, dear–now I am going to have to break out my LH series. That last sentence just stirred up so much within me.:)