Olympic Bouquets

by adustyframe ~ February 17th, 2010

I checked my email tonight and saw an article on Yahoo about the Olympic bouquets.  It looked interesting so I clicked on it.

Oh man! It made me cry.

The florist who got the contract (or whatever it is for the Olympics) runs a program to help at risk women learn floral design. The program began in a correctional institution.

Very neat story!

You can see the yahoo story  here and an article on Just Beginnings Flowers.


2 Thoughts Shared to Olympic Bouquets

  1. Sally

    Thak you so much for linking to these two story. What a wonderful way to help someone to get a new start in life. I love the links you put for us to check out.

    You’re welcome:) Glad you enjoy them.

  2. Janet

    What an awesome program!

    There is a preacher in our town who also does construction/carpentry work. He hires those coming out of prison, so that he can make a difference in their lives. What a practical way to help them and to point them to Jesus!

    That’s awesome! It’s also great because it’s so difficult to get a job when you’ve been incarcerated.