Things I’m Lovin (Or Not!)

by adustyframe ~ February 18th, 2010


My new Shark Steam Mop. I got it with a gift certificate at Christmas! It’s so nice to have an easy way to keep my floors clean.


My mug


Trader Joe’s Red Chai Rooibos tea–no photo but it’s yummy!



Wall flowers

wall flowers

Knitting–always knitting!


The Olympics–I’d love to find a knitting pattern for the American hat with stars on the top and red and white ribbing at the bottom. olympic-rings


Knitting Magazines that include several pages of crochet patterns. If I want crochet patterns, I’ll buy a crochet magazine!

Blogs that only have archives by date–I need categories people!


5 Thoughts Shared to Things I’m Lovin (Or Not!)

  1. Lisa

    What are Truvia and Wall Flowers?

    Truvia is granulated stevia.

    Wall flowers are from Bath and Body Works and plug in and smell good:). We have an outlet nearby so they’re quite a bit cheaper.

  2. Jacque

    🙂 Lol on your categories comment. I put a special page up (thankfully my template allows it) in my Pages with the dates and the categories. I hate it that my Archives(and Searches, etc..) only gives 4 posts to a page in that month because that is how many posts I have on the front page.
    CUTE mug (I’m a mug fanatic – well, used to be, but we are getting rid of a LOT of them….)
    LOVE the knitted dish cloths. I am going to learn how to do that yet. I find knitting very relaxing. Wish I had grown up learning and knowing how to do it and had taught my girls…
    Sure would be handy!
    Hope all is well with you!

  3. Sally

    Are Categories and labels the same?

    I think so. It’s like “Recipes” or “Devotionals” or “quotes”

  4. Joy

    You knitters can get so bitter over the smallest things!!!

  5. yoda

    Actually, Truvia is 99.1% erythritol.