Double Trouble Book Review

by adustyframe ~ February 25th, 2010

double_troubleI received these book from Litfuse Publicity to review for the blog. Last year, I read my first book by Susan May Warren and reviewed it here--The Great Christmas Bowl.

I enjoy her writing style and looked forward to reviewing her new mystery series about PJ Sugar.

PJ who refuses to reveal her real name seems prone to get into trouble. She left her hometown for 10 years and then returned to find herself embroiled in mysteries.

The first book Nothing But Trouble shares the basics of her story and why she was forced away from home for 10 years.

When she returns home for her sister’s wedding, she finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. She wants to prove that her best friends husband did not murder a local teacher.

There are two handsome gentlemen involved in PJ’s life and the plot thickens as they vie for her attentions. One is an old flame and one is a private investigator.

Throughout the books, Warren shares from the Bible whether it’s prayer or trusting God or choosing not to be involved with a man who doesn’t trust Christ.

Overall the book is funny and entertaining just like The Great Christmas Bowl was. I definitely enjoyed reading it.

The second book is Double Trouble and I accidentally read it first! The covers aren’t numbered like books in a series usually are. It wasn’t a problem though. It just took away some of the suspense when I read the first book. I knew some of the details and how things would end because I read the second book first.

Anyway! In this novel, PJ officially begins working for the private investigator and gets an assignment to go undercover as a body double for a witness in a drug case.

There are some heart thumping moment when PJ is attacked and the home she’s staying in is ransacked.

The characters are fun and the stories are well written. She keeps you guessing and just when you know you’ve figured out the mystery, she throws in a twist that leave s you reading like crazy to figure out what’s happening.

If you enjoy a light read and a great story, you’ll enjoy Susan’s PJ Sugar series.

You can find out more about Susan May Warren and her other books by checking out her website.


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