Works of God

by adustyframe ~ March 15th, 2010


Sorry this is up a little late. James and I went to watch my little nephew  last Thursday and Friday. We got home last night and I was a bit behind today.

I decided to wait to turn the computer on until most of the work was caught up.

So, what blessings have you had this week?

One thought I just had is that so many times we think of blessings as good things or things that we want. Sometimes a blessing could be something we didn’t want or something we initially look at as bad.  People say, “A blessing in disguise”.

A work of God doesn’t just have to be something we receive. It can be something God taught you. Something you realized that God is doing in your life.

For example, you may realize you have more contentment, or you realize that God showed you you have too much pride in an area.

These are the types of things I’m talking about when I say, “Work of God”.

1. I’m thankful for safety while James and I traveled.

2. I’m thankful for time with my sweet little nephew.

3. I’m thankful that God reminds me to be content with the things that I have.

4. I’m thankful that through all of this, God always works it out so I can homeschool James.

What about you?


5 Thoughts Shared to Works of God

  1. Pam

    my son-in-law lost his job in june of 2008….the national
    co he worked for closed the local office. he has a college degree
    and sent out more than 200 resumes and had 2 interviews. After
    much consideration he decided to change fields…this required
    taking 4 pre-req classes, then being accepted to a program
    at Northwestern and living in Chicago for 11 weeks….he has
    only 2 more weeks until his classes are over and he has done very well…..looking back I can see how the Lord met ALL of their
    needs from admition, to housing, to transportation….keeping my daughter and grandkids safe (my daughter is a teacher) so there is NO extra money-not to mention living on one salary. Her faith
    and example to their children has been a great example of trust
    and responsability. He will still have a 12 month residency to
    complete but he is well on the road to a new career.
    God Bless, Pam, South Bend

  2. Joy

    I’m thankful that the Lord never gives up on me.

  3. Sally

    I praise God that He is with us always and always faithful. He continues to supply all our needs and more. I’m glad for easy and fast medical care in this country. Glad for good neighbors. One of our neighbor this week gave us a small lighted curio cabinet. I have a small clown collection that looks great in it. That is a gift over and above a need.

  4. Christy

    I am exhausted … but it’s a result of having the privilege to serve. And I’m truly thankful God is teaching me how to serve as a cheerful giver … and to do all things with charity.


  5. Susanna

    I am thankful that despite my middle sons very strong temper and naughty 2 year old behaviour, the Lord has his hand on him- and stopped the car that was driving down the road as he ran away form my husband and into the middle of the street. Thank you Lord.

    My goodness! Wow thanking the Lord with you!